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You can use this internal job posting email template to encourage the employees. However, your application should have interesting information to encourage the current employees.


You have to clarify the job opening to the applicants by time, date, and other relevant information. You should add a link to the job description. It will be better if you attach any data relating to the company profile. It is very helpful for the interview purpose.


You can attach the internal job policy for company posting. It will generate more information for the application process. There will be no unnecessary emails from the candidates during the application process. You may forward the email to an eligible employee. You can filter the desired skills.




Subject Line: We’re hiring [Job_title] / Position open: [Job_title]


Hi [Candidate_Name],


We’re looking for outstanding candidates to apply for [Job_title] in our [Department, e.g. Marketing Department.] We wanted to give you the scoop before the position is published to external channels, so you have a chance to apply first. 


As the [Job_title], you will work with the [e.g. Product Marketing] team and be responsible for [mention two or three main duties.]. The Band and Grade of this role is [Band and Grade] and reports into [Reporting Title]


To be considered for this role, you [mention requirements, skills, and experience]

If this sounds like a good fit, click here [insert a link to job ad] to learn more about the position. 


To apply for this role, [insert application process eg. reply to this email by [date] with your resume and explain why you’re interested in this position].


Contact our HR team [include contact details] if you have any questions about the position of the process.



[Your name]

[Your email signature]

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