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Event reminder mail

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The main purpose of writing an event reminder mail is to help the audience remember about the upcoming event and to ensure that they stay engaged until the event has actually started. An event reminder will also include facts about the event like the location, the timing, and other details of the event. The below-provided template gives an outline of how the mail should be designed. 




  • Gentle reminder regarding the upcoming event
  • A reminder about the upcoming [event name]


Template for Event reminder mail


Hi [name of employee],


There are only [number] days left before the [event name]!


You will not only get to enjoy but will also get to learn a lot of new things through this event.


Do take a look at the agenda:


When: [date, time]


Where: [place/ online link]


Who is conducting: [name of the person conducting or the body responsible]


Don’t’ forget to mark your calendar and let us know if you have any queries regarding the same.


Hope to see you there!




[your name]



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