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Employee Lay-Off Mail

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The termination process of an employee requires a formal notice of termination to the employee. This formal notice could be in the form of an employee lay of mail/letter. The reason for termination does not directly have to depend on the performance of the employee. It could be for several other reasons like economic pitfalls, restructuring, buyouts, mergers, relocating, etc.


When laying off employees, it is best advised to have an attorney of record by the company’s side to review the lay-off plans and all kinds of communications with the employee including emails to avoid having legal risks later. It is important to the company that the processes following the lay-off are just, fair and non-discriminatory towards the employee.


The lay-off email must contain information like why the employee is being laid off with a proper explanation. It should also clearly communicate to the employee about the steps following the lay-off regarding compensation, benefits, property, and the date of relief. The mail should also indicate the employee if the lay is temporary (if temporary, mention the approximate) or permanent.



Possible Subjects:

  • Staff Layoff
  • Layoff Notice
  • Farewell Notice


Template for Employee Lay Off:


Dear [Employee Name],


With a heavy heart, I regret to inform you that you are being laid off from the position of [position title] from [company name], effective from [date]. 


Unfortunately, the recent turn of events has compelled the company to lay off [number] of employees. As you might have heard, our company has suffered from [reason for laying off employees], therefore, we are being forced to take some harsh measures. 


You are going to receive [severance pay amount] and you will continue to receive [any benefits they continue to receive] until [time at which benefits end].


Additionally, any pending payments or reimbursements that are to be received including the final paycheck will be sent to you within a week’s time. You can pick up the check from our office or we may mail it to you. 


The list of items that we are to receive from you are:

  • [list of items]


I would also like to inform you that this lay-off is a permanent one and that this layoff is not in any way dependent on your performance at [company name]. The company is grateful for your contributions throughout your tenure. You can reach us for recommendations for your future employer at any point in time. We hope you all the best in your future endeavors.








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