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Criminal check

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A criminal check involves searching for any sort of record that indicates the criminal charges against the candidate in various courts, such as the Supreme Courts, high court, and district courts among others. There is a thorough search for any sort of criminal record through e-court records to provide accurate results. If there are any cases being filled either in the past or present on the candidate the details of the case are shared with the employer. 


Importance of criminal check

With the help of a criminal check, recruiters can avail of the following benefits:

  • Helps safeguard your company’s reputation
  • Protects valuable assets of the organization
  • Increasing trust among current employees
  • Can help identify any sort of potential risks to the organization


Criminal check via a law firm

Criminal record searches can be conducted with the help of a certified legal consultant or an advocate. This check will involve searching for negative history or any adverse records such as execution, arbitration, or miscellaneous cases for the last 7 years. There will also be legal databases that the lawyers will have access to, to check the data of the candidate. 


Indian database check 

During this check, the candidate’s information will be collected through a list of comprehensive databases through NCRB also called the National Crime Records Bureau for any sort of case being filed under the name of the candidate. 


Global database check

A global database check will also be conducted based on the Interpol database information that is provided regarding the candidate. This will be taken into special consideration for any foreign candidates that will be a part of the application for the job opening. 


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