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Covid Sensitisation Mail

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After two years of lockdown, travel bans, and social distancing, companies around the world are implementing teleworking from home to help employees prevent or spread their illnesses.


Here is an email template that can be used as a Covid-19 Sensitization Mail to send to your employees. 


Subject: Covid-19: Keeping our workplace safe




Dear [Supervisor's/Employee’s Name],


Amid growing global concerns about the current outbreak of COVID-19, companies are closely monitoring the situation, recognizing that false information and fears can spread beyond the virus itself, and we want to prevent the spread of false information.


There are several things you can do to protect yourself and others, whether it is working at your workplace or telecommuting at home.


  •   Stay home if you are sick or have had contact with a sick person: 

If you have symptoms like cold or flu or have been in contact with anyone sick, please stay at home isolated, to protect your colleagues and others at home.


  •   Refrain from visiting the workplace after travel: 

Please do not come into the workplace for 14 days if you’ve visited a city/country with a confirmed case of the virus, whether the trip was work-related or personal.


  •   Rely on virtual communication, when possible:

Communicate via videoconferencing or phone calls in an effort to cut down on human-to-human contact.


  •   Avoid the use of public transport: 

If you are feeling well enough to go to work, avoid catching risks by using public transport. If possible, travel by bike or walk.


  •   Get the flu vaccine:

 Healthy individuals are less susceptible to contracting the coronavirus. Make sure to follow the rules of the government in terms of safety.


  •   Practice exercise:

 Remember to stay active and positive by exercising every day for a small amount of time.


We are making sure to ventilate the workplace frequently and following methods like disinfecting the workplace on a regular basis.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




[Your Name]


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