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Automated One-way Interview Mail

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An automated One-way Interview is an interviewing method for the recruiter to assess the candidate without actually spending real-time interviewing them.


Real-time interviews require either the interviewer or candidate to travel and spend a significant amount of time. On the other hand, automated interviewing mode lets the recruiter send a set of questions to the candidate and allows the candidate to answer and send them back at their own comfort.


Here is a template for an automated one-way interview mail for you to send out to your candidates to save time and effort in the initial interview stage.


Subject: Invitation to an Automated One-way Interview at [Company Name].




Hi [Candidate Name],


Thank you for applying to [Company Name] for the role of [Job Title].


My name is [Your Name] and I’m a recruiter at [Company Name]. We would like to inform you that you are shortlisted for the next round which will be a one-way interview.


We would like to schedule an automated call with you to discuss a few things before moving on to further processes for the [job position] role. In the one-way interview, you will be asked a few questions and your answers would be recorded for further evaluation.


The motive of the interview is for us to be able to tell you more about the job role and also get to know you better.


Would you be available for the interview at [date, time]?

If so then please share your zoom call/google meet account details with us. Once the date and time of the interview are agreed upon we will share a link so that you can join the call from your phone or your computer.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind Regards,



[Your Name]

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