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Announcing promotion of an employee mail

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Employee promotions are considered to be one of the most important moments that allows showing you workers how much their skills, dedication, and leadership potential has been valued. There are a variety of ways through which this can be announced. One of the ways to break it down to the employees would be via Announcing the promotion of an employee mail.  Here HR managers need to mention the employee’s name, their previous designation, their new designation, and a small congratulating message.  




  • Notice of Promotion of [employee name]
  • Congratulations on your promotion, [employee name]


Template for Announcing promotion of an employee mail


Hi all,


I am excited to announce that [employee name] has been promoted to [promoted job title] from [job title]. [His/her] first day in this position will be from [date].


In the past [number] years, [employee name] has been a great asset to the company and has helped us achieve great things in [department name]. Now, [employee name] will be bringing [his/her] expertise to our [new department].


If you have any queries about how [employee name]’s new role will affect your role or would like to know about the role, please feel free to contact the HR team.


I hope you will join me in wishing the best of luck to [employee name] while also welcoming [him/her] to [his/her] new role.




[your name]



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