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30-Day Check-In Mail

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The onboarding process of a newly hired employee does not end after he/she has started working with the company. You must do period checks with the employee to make sure they are fitting in well and are not facing any problems. This is where a 30-day check-in mail comes in handy. 


The best way to do this is to conduct calls with them after they complete 30 days with your company and after 3 months. Let them know that HR still has them on their mind and they can reach out with any concerns. 


While doing this, also provide them with feedback on their work. In addition to that, thank them for joining the team and let them know how their work benefits the company. Here is a 30-day check-in mail template to send to your newly hired employees. 




Subject: 30-day check-in 


Hey [Employee Name],


Hope this mail finds you in good health! I have been meaning to get in touch with you for a few days.


Do you think we could get on a quick call within this week to discuss a few things? It is mostly going to be more like a check-in call for me to know if you are fitting in well with our company. You will also get an opportunity to discuss any concerns that you might have. 


I hope you are adjusting well with your team and are not finding your duties and responsibilities too difficult. Let me know if there is any training that you missed and would like to go through it again. 


If you feel like you missed out on any step of the onboarding process, feel free to let me know. I’ll make the arrangements. Also, how do you think we could improve our onboarding process? 


Let me know when you are free and I’ll set up a call with you accordingly. 


Best Regards,



[Job Title]


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