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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Cipla onboards TurboHire to Digitally Transform its Hiring

Revolutionising Grey Collar & High Volume Hiring through AI in Recruitment


In the rapidly changing employment landscape, blue-collar and grey-collar roles are experiencing significant transformation. Traditionally associated with hands-on, physical labour in sectors like construction, manufacturing, and maintenance, blue-collar jobs have been a cornerstone of the industrial world. Grey-collar jobs, however, are redefining this space. They blend manual skills with technical expertise, signalling a shift in the nature of labour. This evolution presents new challenges and opportunities in the recruitment process, a critical aspect that often determines the efficiency and success of these sectors.

The Traditional Hiring Landscape

Blue -Collar Recruitment

Traditionally, blue-collar hiring has involved a manual process. Candidates often engage in face-to-face interactions with hiring managers, discussing their skills and previous experiences. This direct approach, while personal, can be time-consuming and limited in scope.

Grey-Collar Hiring

Grey-collar hiring presents its own unique challenges. It involves identifying candidates with a blend of manual skills and technical acumen. This dual requirement often makes the recruitment process more complex, as it requires assessing diverse skill sets.

Limitations of Traditional Methods

Both blue and grey-collar sectors have heavily relied on manual hiring processes, such as in-person interviews and employee referrals. These methods, while effective in certain scenarios, are often slow and inefficient. They can lead to delays in filling positions, increased hiring costs, and missed opportunities in finding the right talent.

The AI Revolution in Hiring: The Role of TurboHire

Introducing TurboHire

TurboHire combines Design, AI and Automation to generate Experiences that enable Engagement and hence produce a direct and measurable impact on deserving candidates, when treated well, joining the organisation.

The Five Experiences are

  • Candidate Experience – a multi-channel digital experience interface for job application, eligibility assessment, Assessments, Interviews, Offers, Document submissions and Pre-Onboarding
  • Recruiter Experience – Multi-channel Sourcing Automation, Best in class AI-powered Screening Automation, Interview Scheduling Automation across time zones, roles and departments, Offer Letter Automation and Interviewer communication, all combined as Recruiter Experience with great design and usability. Plug-and-play use of 60+ global tools for Assessment, Interviewing and Background verifications
  • Interviewer Experience – A multi-channel and multi-device Interview Hub to get interview schedules, conducting interviews and providing feedback to candidates on the go
  • Approver Experience – a multi-channel and multi-device Job Requisition and Offer approvals to meet budget and other guidelines
  • Leadership Experience – Real-time actionable alerts and dashboards on every candidate, every job, and every business unit.

AI-Powered Job Matching: “Get Match”

One of the standout features of TurboHire is its AI-driven job matching capability. This tool analyses a candidate’s CV or responses to a questionnaire to match them with suitable job roles. For the blue and grey-collar sectors, where specific skills are paramount, this precision in matching candidates to the right job is invaluable.

Advantages of AI in Job Matching

  • Accuracy: AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data to find the best fit between a candidate’s skills and job requirements.
  • Efficiency: reduces the time to match candidates to suitable roles, speeding up the recruitment process.
  • Scalability: AI can handle a large volume of applications, something that is particularly beneficial for large-scale blue and grey-collar sectors.

Expanding Candidate Sourcing

Multi-Channel Sourcing

TurboHire’s candidate sourcing feature taps into many channels, such as social media, job boards, and recruiting partners. This multi-channel approach is particularly beneficial for sourcing candidates with specific skill sets required in blue and grey-collar jobs.

Benefits of Expanded Sourcing

  • Wider Reach: access to a larger pool of candidates.
  • Diversity: increases the chances of finding diverse candidates with varied skill sets.
  • Cost-effective: reduces the reliance on traditional, often more expensive, sourcing methods.

Enhanced Candidate Communication

Multi-Platform Engagement

TurboHire facilitates communication with candidates through various platforms, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp. This multi-platform approach ensures candidates are kept informed and engaged throughout the hiring process.

Impact on Candidate Experience

  • Transparency: Keeps candidates updated, improving their experience and perception of the hiring organisation.
  • Engagement: Continuous communication helps in building a relationship with potential employees.
  • Efficiency: speeds up the communication process, leading to quicker hiring decisions.

Interview Automation: Streamlining the Process

Auto-Schedule and One-Way Interviews

TurboHire’s Auto-Schedule tool simplifies interview scheduling, while the one-way interview feature is particularly useful for assessing candidates for roles that require strong interpersonal skills.

Advantages of Interview Automation

  • Time-saving: reduces the administrative burden of scheduling interviews.
  • Flexibility: accommodates both recruiters’ and candidates’ schedules.
  • Effective Assessment: One-way interviews allow recruiters to assess soft skills efficiently.

Bulk Offer Letters and Automated CTC Calculation

Streamlining Job Offers

TurboHire enables the dispatch of multiple offer letters simultaneously. This feature, coupled with an automated CTC (Cost to Company) calculator, significantly streamlines the recruitment process.

Impact on Recruitment Efficiency

  • Speed: Quicker turnaround from final interview to job offer.
  • Accuracy: reduces errors in salary calculations and offers letter generation.
  • Scalability: Particularly useful for mass hiring, a common scenario in blue and grey-collar sectors.

Innovative Referral Process for Cipla

TurboHire has designed a pioneering chatbot for referrals, tailored for Cipla. This chatbot, accessible via WhatsApp, has streamlined the referral process, making it quick and easy. Employees can now refer candidates with a single touch, enhancing the efficiency of the referral system and significantly reducing the time and effort involved.

The Future of AI in Blue and Grey Collar Hiring

As AI continues to evolve, its role in transforming the blue and grey-collar hiring landscape is set to grow. Future developments may include:

  • Predictive Analytics: Using AI to predict staffing needs based on market trends.
  • Enhanced Skill Matching: Further refinement in matching candidates to complex job requirements.
  • Integration with Training: AI could be used to identify skill gaps and recommend training programs.


The use of AI in hiring for blue and grey-collar jobs, with tools like TurboHire, is a big step forward. It makes hiring faster, more accurate, and better for candidates. An example of this is the referral chatbot TurboHire made for Cipla, which shows how AI can make hiring simpler and quicker. For the future of hiring in these crucial fields, this is hopeful news. AI will become more important in facilitating simpler and more efficient hiring processes as these sectors develop.

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