🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

According to Gartner, “The attrition rate rose from 10% in 2020 to 20% in 2021.

Attrition has become a major challenge for talent acquisition (TA) teams across different companies. One of the major reasons for employees to leave their company is because of wrong expectations. This is creating a gap between what the employee and employer want.

It is difficult to keep a tab of all the communications while recruiting but an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can save the day for you. It will help you capture data right from sourcing to hiring the candidate with inquiry forms, customizable scorecards, and automated offer letters. This way, you can spend less time on managing the process and spend more time on knowing the candidate.

While you are thinking about which Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will be the best fit for your company, we have put together a comparison of two efficient AI-enabled ATS tools, TurboHire and Workable.

The right candidates will appreciate interacting and answering their queries. This will eventually develop trust, result in a quality hire, and reduce the attrition rate.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can simplify many other aspects of recruitment like interview scheduling, document collection, conducting assessments, sourcing through various job boards, etc. This article is a true comparison of TurboHire and Workable to help you pick the right fit for your company. We’ll be throwing light on some of the below important aspects in this article.

  • Things to consider when subscribing to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • TurboHire vs Workable at 3 recruitment stages – Candidate Discovery, Interview Process, and Hiring Decision
  • TurboHire vs Workable for Recruitment Structuring
  • Conclusion

Let’s get started now.

Things to consider when subscribing to an ATS:

Every Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is not going to be a perfect match for your hiring needs. Different companies have different requirements when it comes to doing their hiring. So you should make sure you think about your own company’s hiring needs before making the decision to go with an ATS in place of traditional paper applications and resumes.
Here are 7 things that might be useful for you to consider before making your final decision:

1. Cost of ATS:

It’s good practice to get a sense of how much your company can afford and stick to that amount. You can use the budget allocated to determine the best-suited ATS.

  • TurboHire: You can start free with TurboHire. Here is the free ATS which you can check and start using immediately.
  • Workable: It is 2X more expensive than TurboHire.

2. Support from ATS:

Even if you’re using the best applicant tracking system, it will be futile if your recruiters are not onboarded properly. You’ll need support from Day 1.

  • TurboHire: When you sign up for TurboHire, an account manager will be assigned to you. They will help you get set up on the platform and at your own pace. Your account manager will respond to any query within 12 hours or less as part of their service level agreement.
  • Workable: There is support provided through Email, Chat, Helpdesk, and FAQs.

3. Ratings & Reviews of ATS:

If you’re looking to purchase recruitment software, it’s essential to take into consideration its reviews from users. The primary sites for reviewing this type of software are G2 and Capterra.

4. Security offered by ATS:

When using an ATS (Application Tracking System), one has to be aware of the sensitive information it contains. Make sure that your company is working with a system that has adequate security and with the appropriate tools to make sure that its data remains safe.

  • TurboHire: We offer high-level security for customer data that has been verified by large organizations to meet their security requirements.

You can get more insights about the security offered by TurboHire from our VP of Engineering, Rakesh Nayak here.

  • Workable: It has security features that control the access of data as well as features. Every individual organization’s account security is managed by Eightfold’s administrators.

5. Pricing Transparency of ATS:

You might have had experiences where companies could appear to offer competitive pricing on their website, but once you get an invoice you’ll be charged a number of unexpected fees.

  • TurboHire: TurboHire goes to great lengths in order to ensure that our pricing is transparent and that there are no hidden fees involved. After discussing your options with one of our consultants we’ll give you a clear breakdown of charges on your invoice, so as to eliminate any potential confusion or any potential surprises!
  • Workable: They work on a custom pricing model.

6. Application Programming Interface (API) by ATS

In this day and age, everything runs off of integrations. You use different tools as a recruiter or HR leader and should seek out an ATS that’s accepting of most integrations in the industry.

  • TurboHire: We offer an API-first solution that can integrate with third-party assessment providers and HRMS. We want to make your life easier. So, we are ready to integrate with any tool you require with our API-first solution.

Right now, we are integrated with every major job board like Indeed, Monster, Jobsora, etc.

  • Workable: They integrate with many companies and with popular recruiting tools. Some of the companies they connect with are- BambooHR, Namely, Rippling, Factorial, and HRCloud.

7. Platform Hosting used by ATS:

When choosing an ATS for your organization, it’s important to consider the platform that it is hosted on.

  • TurboHire: We use a cloud platform to host our platform to ensure there are no hiccups while working on the platform.
  • Workable: They also use a cloud platform to avoid disturbances.

Workable Vs TurboHire at every Recruitment Stage

We’ve talked with many HR leaders, and what we realized is that there are three stages involved in the recruitment process.

  • Candidate Discovery
  • Interview Process
  • Hiring Decision

We’ll look into how each of the ATS platforms can help at every recruitment stage.

1. Candidate Discovery:

Finding suitable candidates for a job can be challenging. There are thousands of resumes to go through, and each one needs to be screened and filtered before one can find the right people for an organization.

When it comes to finding the right candidates for your business, having a reliable ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can be imperative. A dedicated and flexible ATS is essential as it has to suit the needs of both small and large organizations. Let’s go through some of the main features that can help recruiters when searching for suitable talent!

  • AI-Powered Skillset: When hiring for a job, we need to make sure that the applicant has the right skill set to fit into the role; an AI-Powered Skill Set can do all the legwork for you – and save you a lot of time I might add.
    • TurboHire: It comes with in-built AI-Powered skillsets for most of the jobs. You can also create your own custom skillset.
    • Workable: They do not offer an AI-Powered Skillset.
  • Candidate Ranking: When it comes to interviewing job candidates, you first want to take a look at what they’ve done in the past, compare it to your needs and expectations, then figure out if they could become the best fit for your company. That way it should be much easier for you to determine which candidate is going to be the most qualified for the position by screening candidates quickly with a few clicks of buttons.
    • TurboHire: To ensure your best hire, we have developed “Candidate Ranking.” You will be able to define the ideal candidate and TurboHire will rank the candidates accordingly. This feature is efficient and a great way to speed up hiring.
    • Workable: Right now, Workable does not support candidate ranking.
  • Smart Tags: Every organization and human resources team have their own way of capturing data. However, making the necessary tweaks and additions to an applicant tracking system can be hard work at times. That is why including Smart Tags in the mix is a great way to turn tedious jobs into less time-consuming projects that are easier to get through.
    • TurboHire: In TurboHire ATS, you can add a tag to a candidate like ‘Good to go’, ‘Does not match’, ‘Rejected in round 2’ etc. These smart tags can help you set custom filters.
    • Workable: You cannot smart tag candidates on Workable.

2. Interview Process:

After using AI to rank the top candidates, it’s time to involve you in the recruitment process for finding the right person for the job. Calling them might get tiring and repetitive but luckily you can make use of technology solutions today that provide assistance with scheduling interviews.

  • Candidate Workspace: When hiring someone, you spend most of your time on the candidate. A dedicated space can save a lot of time and effort when looking through prospective candidates since you can quickly and easily look up their profiles by name, location, or other occupation types.
    • TurboHire: We have built a space on the TurboHire portal where you can search with any of the candidate details and the candidate’s “Smart Card” will appear. A candidate’s Smart Card contains all the relevant details related to that specific applicant’s profile page on our job site.
    • Workable: There is no candidate workspace in Workable.
  • Bulk Scheduling: When you need to interview a lot of people who are interested in working for your company, it can be useful to schedule your interviews as quickly and easily as possible. Rather than scheduling them one by one, you can do so all at once, no matter how many there may be.
    • TurboHire: TurboHire allows you to schedule events in bulk (for example hire 3 new team members on the same day) and also lets you do other things with your candidates in bulk such as sending an email, move them to another stage or share them with others.
    • Workable: You’ll have to schedule for every individual candidate.
  • Collaborative Review: Most of the job roles have multiple interviews with different panel members. To make a final decision, the feedback from all the panel members is collated by the recruiter. This is a time-consuming task for the recruiter.
    • TurboHire: It automates the interviewers’ reviews in one place giving a consolidated score.
    • Workable: You’ll have to download and consolidate reviews manually in Workable.

3. Hiring Decision:

After a quick screening and easy interviewing, the next step for a recruiter is to make a decision about who to hire. Currently, recruiters send offer letters to candidates by email. It’s time-consuming because the recruiter has to input information by hand. And it’s susceptible to manual error.

Here are a few offer letter features to check out.

  • Salary Calculations: An offer letter may come with a lot of salary calculations and can be overwhelming sometimes.
    • TurboHire: TurboHire will automate your salary calculations. Now you can focus on more important tasks without worrying about the hassle of doing a bunch of computations.
    • Workable: Salary calculations can be automated at Workable as well.
  • E-Signatures: The more you use technology, the less of it you want to go back to using. Especially when it comes to paperwork. When things are done digitally, no one has to spend time looking for a printer or worrying about sending documents through the mail for a signature.
    • TurboHire: We provide an E-Signature for both the approver and the applicant.
    • Workable: They do not support E-signature.

Workable Vs TurboHire: Recruitment Structuring

Now that the ATS has been set up, it’s a good idea to look up some of the structure templates that might be offered by the software and begin drafting a process for your recruitment procedures. For example, if you are looking for different departments to be filled, then you should start by creating positions in your ATS based on various qualifications, skills or experience required.

1. Document Collection:

As a part of the recruitment process, collecting and verifying documents from the candidates is a vital step of the process.

  • TurboHire: It is easier to collect the documents with a document collection form and share them with the verification team.
  • Workable: They do not support document collection and sharing.

2. Report Library:

Reports can give a lot of insights into your recruitment process and help improve the recruitment metrics.

  • TurboHire: TurboHire has around 32 reports across 8 categories. The major reports include Pipeline Report, Candidate Breakdown, etc. Additionally, custom reports are also built based on the customers’ requirements.
  • Workable: Workable provides some basic reports but does not have a complete report library.

Summing Up

ATS can help you gauge the success of your hire. We strongly believe that recruiting software will save a lot of time for your recruiters and improve the quality of your hiring.

68% of recruiting professionals say that the best way to improve recruiting performance over the next five years is by investing in new recruiting technology.

So, it’s time to improve the recruiting performance of your company.

COSTPocket-FriendlyComparatively Expensive
APIsLimitedAPI First

Both TurboHire and Workable have a G2 rating of 4.6/5.

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  • 72% reduction in time to hire,
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