If hiring quality candidates is one of your goals, then using an AI-enabled Applicant Tracking System can help you achieve the goal faster. An ATS comes with many benefits like posting on multiple job boards with a single click, screening candidates in seconds, and many more that can complete manual data tasks in a few minutes. On top of that, if the ATS is AI-enabled it would assist in making hiring decisions as well. TurboHire and Zoho Recruit are the two most powerful ATS in the industry.

Glassdoor says “On average a corporate job attracts 250 applicants of which only 2% will be invited to interview” i.e 5 out 250 candidates.

You never know which one is your best fit nor the recruiter does. It would not be fair to the recruiter to screen all the resumes manually to find the right fit. There is a huge possibility of missing out on potential candidates when you are screening manually. This can lead to a dip in the quality of hire and a rise in cost to hire.

An Applicant Tracking System is the need of the hour to make better hiring decisions. We want to help you by giving an honest comparison of everything you need to know about TurboHire and Zoho Recruit so the decision is easier for you. In this article, expect to learn about:

  • Things to consider when subscribing to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • TurboHire vs ZohoRecruit at 3 recruitment stages – Candidate Discovery, Interview Process, and Hiring Decision
  • TurboHire vs ZohoRecruit for Recruitment Structuring
  • Conclusion

Things to consider when subscribing to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

One shoe doesn’t fit all. Likewise, every Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is not the right fit for every company. Different companies have different requirements.

Here are a few things we think you should consider before choosing an ATS for your hiring needs.

We have put together 8 things to consider when subscribing to an ATS.

1. Cost of ATS:

Every company has a budget for everything. To make sure you are not going beyond the budget assigned, it is a good practice to check the price range of the ATS before anything else.

  • TurboHire: You can start free with TurboHire. Here is the free ATS which you can check and start using immediately.
  • Zoho Recruit: You can use Zoho Recruit for free as well which is limited to 1 recruiter.

2. Support from ATS:

Even if you have the top-notch ATS for your recruiters, it would not be of much use if there is no proper support. When we say ‘support’ we mean, right from onboarding the customer to helping them succeed with the ATS platform.

  • TurboHire: A dedicated account manager will be assigned once you sign-up. They will onboard you at your own pace, help with all the integrations, respond to queries quickly and make sure you are benefiting from the platform. Along with this, TurboHire also provides Helpdesk, email, chat, and knowledge base support.
  • Zoho Recruit: There is support provided through Email, Chat, Helpdesk, and FAQs.

3. The market targeted by ATS:

The HR teams function differently in different organizations of different sizes. Checking if the ATS is built to serve your kind of talent acquisition (TA) team will make things a lot easier going forward.

The easiest way to understand this is to see which market the ATS is focusing on.

  • TurboHire: It is easier to adapt irrespective of the size of the HR team because it is built on the 3 core foundations of recruitment – Candidate Discovery, Interview Process, and Hiring Decision.
  • ZohoRecruit: It primarily caters to small companies whereas TurboHire caters to mid-sized companies.

4. Ratings & Reviews of ATS:

Do you scroll to the bottom of the Amazon Product page to check the ratings and reviews of a product?

If you said yes, then this could be the most important parameter for you. Even if you said no, this is important. It’s good to know what the current users of the ATS are saying about it.

The primary sites to check for ATS reviews are G2 and Capterra.

5. The security offered by ATS:

You are trusting an ATS with highly sensitive information. So, it’s important to know the security offered by each one of these ATS’.

  • TurboHire: offers security for customer data that has been verified by large organizations to meet their security requirements. We have further received a CIS, ISO27001 certification, and ensure all the data stored by a customer is only accessible by the customer itself.(CIS is Center for Internet Security. This body makes sure to reduce cyberattacks and secure your data.)
  •  Zoho recruit: has security that controls the access of data as well as features. Every individual organization’s account security is managed by Zoho’s administrators.

6. Pricing Transparency of ATS:

You might have had experiences where the website of the company shows reasonable pricing and when you get an invoice you’ll be charged with so many miscellaneous charges.

This might shoot up the overall pricing to 2X or 3X.

  • TurboHire: At TurboHire, we make sure to maintain transparency when it comes to pricing. We list out every pricing component on the invoice and discuss it with the customer.
  • Zoho Recruit: They provide detailed pricing of the product on the website.

7. Application Programming Interface (API) by ATS:

The world today runs on integrations. You might work on different tools as a recruiter or an HR leader and should look for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that can integrate your most-used tools. For example, The calendar integrated with your email helps you attend all the meetings on time. Likewise, a lot of integrations would be required to put all the recruitment in one place and the heart of integrations is API (Application Programming Interface).

  • Turbohire: We offer an API-first solution that can integrate with third-party assessment providers and HRMS. We want to make your life easier. So, we are ready to integrate with any tool you require with our API-first solution. Right now, we are integrated with every major job board like Indeed, Monster, Jobsora, etc.
  • ZohoRecruit: It has its open API and integrates with a wide range of social media and bulk messaging applications.

8. Platform Hosting used by ATS:

Assuming you are looking for a smooth workflow while working with an ATS, it is of utmost essential to consider the platform the ATS is hosted on. You do not want to experience delayed page loading.

  • TurboHire: We use a cloud platform to host our platform to ensure there are no hiccups while working on the platform.
  • ZohoRecruit: They also use a cloud platform to avoid disturbances.

ZohoRecruit vs TurboHire at every Recruitment Stage

After interacting with many HR leaders, we realized that the recruitment process has 3 primary stages.

  • Candidate Discovery
  • Interview Process
  • Hiring Decision

We’ll dive deep into how each of the ATS platforms can help at every recruitment stage.

1. Candidate Discovery:

According to LinkedIn, “The average time to hire across a range of functions is 41 days.

This number might go up based on the position and recruitment process. Most companies struggle to get candidates to apply for the job. Like it is important for a candidate to have a good resume and a LinkedIn profile, it is important for a company to be an employee-friendly brand.

You can do this by using recruitment marketing strategies and executing them with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Let’s look into what all features can help you in discovering the best talent.

  • Candidate Ranking: Once you use a recruitment marketing strategy, there are high chances that the recruiters would be flooded with resumes. Screening these resumes and shortlisting the candidates is a time-consuming task and can increase your time-to-hire.
    • TurboHire: To ease the process of screening, we have come up with ‘Candidate Ranking’. You’ll have to define the ideal candidate and TurboHire will rank the candidates. This is efficient and effective at the same time.
    • Zoho Recruit: As of now, Zoho Recruit does not provide candidate ranking.
  • Smart Cards: With so many jobs and candidates in the database, it might be challenging to pull the information of a single candidate.
    • TurboHire: TurboHire’s smart card presents the complete information of the candidate on a card that is easy to understand. This is how a candidate’s smart card looks on TurboHire.Candidate Smart Card
    • Zoho Recruit: There is no smart card feature on Zoho Recruit.
  • Smart Tags: Every organization and HR team have its own way of working. It is next to impossible to include every kind of filter on any ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Smart Tags come to the rescue here.
    • TurboHire: In TurboHire ATS, you can add a tag to a candidate like ‘Good to go’, ‘Does not match’, ‘Rejected in round 2’ etc. These smart tags can help you set custom filters.
    • Zoho Recruit: You cannot smart tag candidates on Zoho Recruit.
  • Job Recommendation: If you ever shopped on Amazon or any other e-commerce store, it would always show recommendations based on your previous search or purchase history. You can do something similar for the candidates.
    • TurboHire: With TurboHire’s Job Recommendation, any candidate can drop in their resume and the ATS can show them a list of jobs that are suitable for the candidate. They can apply for the shortlisted jobs. Right now, our customers love this feature and extensively use it to improve the quality of candidates.
    • Zoho Recruit: You can integrate your careers page with Zoho Recruit but it would not provide any job recommendations.

2. Interview Process:

The next important step after shortlisting by AI screening and assessments is the Interview. We know how tiresome and monotonous it could be to call every candidate and interviewer to schedule an interview.

Job interviews last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

When someone is spending around 1 hour of time in the interview process, you want it to be smooth without any technical difficulties.

To have a good interview experience, here are a few features that are worth considering in the Interview stage.

  • Evaluation form: When you are conducting interviews online, but still taking feedback offline does not make it the best use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for your company.61% of recruiters expect video interviews to be the default norm
    • TurboHire: You can make customized scorecards on TurboHire to evaluate a candidate post the interview. The ATS will present a consolidated score after all the evaluations are filled.
    • Zoho Recruit: It does not support evaluation forms.
  • Candidate Workspace: While hiring for a job, you spend most of your time on candidates (screening, shortlisting, interviewing, etc). A dedicated space can save a lot of time where you can have a look at any candidate with a click.
    • TurboHire: We have built a space on the TurboHire portal where you can search with any of the candidate details and candidate smart cards would appear.
    • Zoho Recruit: There is no candidate workspace in Zoho Recruit.

3. Hiring Decision:

After the quick screening and easy interviewing, the next step is to make a decision and roll offer letters to the candidates.

For years, recruiters have been using Excel and Word to send these offer letters. This could be time-consuming and prone to manual errors.

Let’s look at how the ATS’ can help in offer letters.

  • Offer Letter Approval Workflow: Before sending an offer letter to the candidate, taking the approval from business and HR heads is a crucial step.
    • TurboHire: We have an offer letter approval workflow that can save a lot of time for the recruiters. You can set up the workflow for once and the system will execute it seamlessly.
    • ZohoRecruit: Zoho Recruit does not support Offer Letter Approval Workflow.
  • Automated Offer Letter: Offer letters are sent to the candidate manually after approval from top management. But with a powerful ATS, you can trigger an offer letter to the candidate automatically after the approvals are done.Both TurboHire and Zoho Recruit support automated offer letters.
  • Salary Calculations: An offer letter might have a lot of salary calculations. These calculations might be overwhelming sometimes.
    • TurboHire: At TurboHire, your dedicated account manager will help you set up these calculations and make them ready for your use. You’ll have to enter the CTC (Cost to Company) and all the components would be auto-calculated.
    • Zoho Recruit: They support salary calculations.

TurboHire vs Zoho Recruit: Recruitment Structuring

Having a lot of automation features is a good thing to have. But it would all go in vain if the ATS does not have a structure.

TurboHire has made a good effort in structuring the recruitment process by introducing custom Hiring plans, job pipeline, and candidate engagement.

Here are a few features you should consider if you are looking for structuring your recruitment process with an ATS.

  • Hiring Plan: Having a plan makes it easier to execute.
    • TurboHire: TurboHire’s hiring plan helps you plan by setting up job workflow, intelligent techniques for screening, and an easy interview process. It also helps in tracking your progress with metrics like time to hire, hiring velocity, quality of hire.
    • Zoho Recruit: While Zoho Recruit has features, it does not provide a hiring plan as of now.
  • Job Pipelines: Understanding the performance of the job is very important to take the next step in hiring.
    • TurboHire: Job Pipeline in TurboHire will give you a detailed understanding of everything happening on the job. This can help in tracking the jobs collectively.
    • Zoho Recruit: There is no Job Pipeline on Zoho Recruit.
  • Team-Up: If more than one recruiter is working on a job, Team-Up would be the best feature to work together.
    • TurboHire: With ‘Team-Up’, you need not update or exchange information through emails. Just team up with the recruiter, he/ she will be able to see all the updates happening on the job.
    • Zoho Recruit: You cannot collaborate with team members for individual jobs on Zoho Recruit.

Summing Up

TurboHire has managed to stack up in the competition of Talent Acquisition Platforms. A recruiting software will drastically change an organization’s recruitment cycle of activities.

MARKETSmall CompaniesMid-Market

Hence, it is necessary to go into every detail while deciding on the best hiring software.

  • According to Capterra, both TurboHire and Zoho Recruit have an overall rating of 4.4/5
  • According to FinancesOnline, TurboHire has a smart score of 8.0 and Zoho has 8.9
  • According to g2.com, TurboHire has an overall rating of 4.6/5 and Zoho has 4.4/ 5.

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