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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Eightfold Vs TurboHire at every Recruitment Stage

The recruitment process can broadly be divided into three stages. The majority of the companies go through these stages to hire the best talent.

  • Candidate Discovery
  • Interview Process
  • Hiring Decision

We’ll go through each of these stages and see how these Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can automate the process.

1. Candidate Discovery:

Sourcing the best talent is a challenge for most recruiters. When you post jobs on the job boards, you want to attract the right candidates. Most times, recruiters end up receiving a lot of irrelevant resumes. The screening of these resumes is a time-consuming task.

  • Candidate Ranking:The candidates will be ranked according to their skills, experience, and education. This can reduce the hours of manual screening to a few clicks of buttons.
    • TurboHire: To ensure your best hire, we have developed “Candidate Ranking.” You will be able to define the ideal candidate and TurboHire will rank the candidates accordingly. This feature is efficient and a great way to speed up hiring.
    • Eightfold: Right now, Eightfold does not support candidate ranking.
  • Vendor Portal: You do want them working with you in tandem and being able to work on the same platform so that they don’t slow down your recruitment process unnecessarily.
    • TurboHire: We provide a completely different portal for the vendor where you can control the permissions. It is flexible and easy to use.
    • Eightfold: As of now, Eightfold does not have a vendor portal feature.
  • Duplicate Detection:With a lot of resumes flooding your way, a duplicate detection might save a lot of load on the system and the recruiter.
    • TurboHire: To ensure hassle-free recruitment, TurboHire identifies and notifies the duplicate candidates to the recruiter. You can also block the upload of duplicate candidates at your convenience.
    • Eightfold: It cannot identify duplicate candidates.

2. Interview Process:

The next important step after shortlisting by AI screening and assessments is the Interview. It is very tiring and time-consuming to call every candidate and Interviewer to schedule an interview.

  • 1-1 Interview: A 1-1 interview is the most common type of interview. Make sure to look for this feature before anything else as it would not be worth it if you are hosting the interview on some other platform.
    • TurboHire: It does not just have the 1-1 Interview feature with an in-built video calling platform but can also integrate with other video calling platforms like G-Suite, Teams, etc.
    • Eightfold: It does not support evaluation forms.
  • Evaluation forms: Conducting interviews online is great because it saves time and energy. However, when you are conducting interviews with someone you haven’t met in real life, this can make it a little more difficult to measure an individual’s commitment and interest.
    • TurboHire: You can make customized scorecards on TurboHire that will evaluate a candidate after the interview has taken place. The Platform will give you a consolidated score once evaluations are complete for each and every interviewer.
    • Eightfold: It does not support 1-1 Interview.
  • Calendar View:After scheduling interviews for the day or week, a quick glance at all the interview schedules can help the recruiter. A calendar view of interviews is a ‘good to have’ feature in this scenario.
    • TurboHire: You can view all the interviews scheduled for the day, week, and month. You can also export instant reports from this calendar.
    • Eightfold: As of now, Eightfold does not support a calendar view for interviews.

3. Hiring Decision:

While the hiring process can take a long time, it’s important to remember that failure to make the right decision on who to hire could have devastating consequences for your business. This is why recruiters spend a lot of their time on creating and rolling out offers.

  • Offer Letter Approval Workflow:Before reaching out to potential candidates, you have to get the approval of your business and human resources departments.
    • TurboHire: We have a smart workflow that makes it easy for recruiters to get started. Once you set it up, the system will run automatically – and much quicker than if a recruiter needed to log in and go through every step manually.
    • Eightfold: Eightfold does not support Offer Letter Approval Workflow.
  • E-Signature:Working digitally would seem much more efficient than using paper for signatures. There would logically be less of a need to print and then actually physically send the offers to the approvers, and so potentially save significant amounts of time.
    • TurboHire: We provide an E-Signature for both the approver and the candidate to reduce the extra work.
    • Eightfold: They do not provide E-Signature for offer letters.

Eightfold Vs TurboHire: Recruitment Structuring

A recruitment process can be successful only when it has a structure to it. Without a structure, most of the features would not be used by recruiters.

1. Customizable forms:

Many companies need to collect a lot of information in the hiring process. Instead of having to create a brand new application form every time, making use of a customizable template allows you to save time by being able to just fill in the essential data on each candidate and then make changes where necessary.

  • TurboHire: You can create professional forms using customizable forms. Mostly these are used to collect information from candidates, referrals, vendors, etc. You can customize it as per your requirement.
  • Eightfold: They do not provide customizable forms but definitely have specific forms for specific purposes.

2. Job Pipeline:

A process to review the performance of a job is very important in order to continue with the next step in hiring.

  • TurboHire: Job Pipeline in TurboHire will give you a detailed understanding of everything happening on the job. This can help in tracking the jobs collectively.
  • Eightfold: There is no Job Pipeline on Eightfold.

3. Team-Up:

If multiple recruiters are working on one job posting, Team-Up would be the best feature to work together.

  • TurboHire: With ‘Team-Up’, you never have to exchange information over email because everything is displayed on a shared timeline.
  • Eightfold: You cannot collaborate with team members for individual jobs on Eightfold.

Summing Up

As we mentioned, the team here at TurboHire.com is all about saving you time and helping to save your team members’ time as well.

Demo & TrialFreeFree
COSTPocket-FriendlyComparatively Expensive
MARKETLarge EnterprisesMid-Market
APIsIntegration APIAPI First

According to g2.com, TurboHire has an overall rating of 4.6/5 and Eightfold has 4.1/ 5.

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