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What Is An Automated Interview Scheduling Tool?

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Automated Interview Scheduler - TurboHire

An interview is one of the most important parts of a hiring cycle. It however could be a tedious task to work around candidate screening, sourcing, and having to schedule interviews with potential applicants. In all of this, time becomes a tricky factor for HR managers. Hence it is important that the process of scheduling candidate interviews is not unorganized and inconsistent. This is where Automated Interview Scheduling tools become a valuable resource for talent acquisition professionals. Automated Interview Scheduler is a tool that allows you to streamline the logistics of your hiring cycle by automating the candidate interview scheduling process, that can seamlessly be a part of your team’s calendar.

6 Key Benefits of Automated Interview Scheduler

Manually scheduling candidate interviews is a thing of the past. If your HR team is still scheduling interviews manually they are actually spending 2/3rd of their entire hiring process in it. By automating your interviewing process, you can provide your HR team with a large opportunity to create speed and efficiency by automating your interview scheduling. For instance, you can ask candidates to record their responses to configurable questions and review responses collaboratively. Thus, reducing your time for phone-screening while developing a better candidate understanding

Automated Interview Scheduler allows your organization to reduce the hiring time of your talent acquisition team allowing for greater flexibility, automated administrative functions and improved efficiency. It does not matter if you are scheduling phone screens or a video call, automated interview scheduler can help you to meet top talent faster by eliminating the baggages included in an interview process such as emails, phone calls and preparing questionnaires.

Some of the key benefits of an Automated Interview Scheduling tool are as follows:

  1. Reduce hiring time: The recruiter, as well as the candidate, can schedule or reschedule their interview as per mutual availability.
  2. Integrate calendars: Your calendar is automatically updated any time an interview slot gets booked and both the recruiter and the applicant are notified as soon as a meeting is confirmed, rescheduled, or canceled.
  3. Workflow automation: The recruiter can assign some criteria for the candidates before the interview. For example, when you identify a qualified candidate, you can automatically invite them to the next step of the hiring process.
  4. Avoid cancellations: Via automated scheduling, the candidate can expect to get an email or SMS reminders, so they do not miss their interviews or let the interviewer know if or not they be attending the interview.
  5. Device syncing: Any new interview, update, or note is automatically synced across all devices being used during the hiring process.
  6. Automatic reminders: Reminders are triggered and automatically sent out to both the candidate and the interviewer before an interview.

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This provides for a seamless candidate experience and improves the hiring quality thereby empowering the team to hire faster and be ready for real-time hiring needs.

TurboHire’s Automated Interview Scheduling Tool

With TurboHire’s Automated Interview Scheduling tool talent acquisition professionals can benefit from multiple interview formats. We give the recruiters the option to integrate the interview schedules with their calendar that allows them to schedule interviews without any booking conflicts. This calendar integration allows the recruiter to provide a shareable link with candidates to pick a time slot for the interview as per their availability. This is further facilitated with automatic reminders, you can keep all of your candidates and members of the hiring team on track for interview times, and also to reduce no-show rates.

TurboHire’s Automated Interview Scheduling tool can act as a virtual hiring assistant or bot that helps the HR manager arrange their interview, whilst also giving the candidate the power to choose an interview time that fits into their schedule. This makes it more flexible and convenient for your potential hire, and also gives a good impression of your organization’s employer brand.

Does Your HR Team Require An Automated Interviewing Scheduling Tool?

According to a recent Yello poll, 41% of recruiters still schedule interviews over the phone. More time spent on administrative phone calls and emails means less time spent sourcing candidates and moving them through the hiring process. By automating the interview scheduling process, HR managers and recruiting teams can provide candidates with available time slots, which gives candidates the flexibility to schedule interviews during their preferred time, based on availability.

Talent acquisition professionals often manage a lot of tasks in the overall hiring process. On top of working to meet aggressive hiring goals, HR managers also manage an unstructured and dynamic interview schedule for candidates and interviewers. This can lead to delay in the hiring processes, due to hiring managers who won’t return emails, candidates who have changing schedules, and talent acquisition managers who want to know why more meetings have not been completed. Interview scheduling software helps eliminate back-and-forth emails and time-intensive phone calls, allows the hiring team to view upcoming interview schedules in real-time, and spends more time sourcing and engaging with candidates.

Automated interview scheduling is particularly useful when the distance is a factor between the candidate and the recruiter. When screening potential applicants online, there are various questions best fitted for the interview that can be utilized.

In Conclusion

In a competitive hiring market, companies will lose in-demand candidates due to slow hiring processes. Often, while the hiring team is scheduling interviews over countless back-and-forth logistic emails, the candidate is already interviewing with a competitor. Automated interview scheduling empowers the hiring team to instantly schedule interviews online. Eliminating scheduling delays accelerates hiring and reduces the number of candidates who drop out of the interview process while helping the talent acquisition team do more with their time.

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