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Recruitment Marketing 101: Guide to Attract Top Talent

If you are here, then probably you are looking to implement or enhance recruitment marketing in your organization.

And you probably know what recruitment marketing is!

Just in case, if you do not, here is the definition.

“Recruitment Marketing is a combination of strategies to attract the right candidates for the right jobs in an organization. The primary focus is to promote the values and work culture of the organization.”

Now that you understand what recruitment marketing is briefly, you should be excited to know the why and hows of recruitment marketing.

As the title says, this blog post is going to help you understand the complete guide to attract top talent with the help of recruitment marketing.

Why Recruitment Marketing?

While 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring, this section of the blog post is for that 28% who still believe the job is a necessity only for the candidate and not to the organization.

  • Job Search & Product Search are not very different:

    Candidates search for jobs as they search for products to buy online. And believe me, there are a lot of people doing window searching out there.

    See for yourself: 73% of candidates are passive job seekers.

    That means they are not looking for a change at the moment, but searching for jobs doesn’t hurt them. They are always in search of better companies and roles.

    Yes, you are thinking it right! It is similar to how we go to the mall every weekend with no intention of buying but still check out our favorite stores.

    Now, you can ask me, so what if they are window searching? What does it have to do with recruitment marketing?

    It is your chance now to grab their attention with recruitment marketing. If the passive jobseeker gets to know and like your organization, nothing like it.

    She/ He may not apply today but will continue to check out the careers page of your website.

  • Just job boards are not enough:

    Don’t get me wrong but gone are the days where you just post the job on a job board and candidate applications are flooded in your inbox.

    It doesn’t happen so easily today. If it does, most of them would be irrelevant applications.

    And, I hope you would want to spend your time on something better than screening irrelevant candidates.

    Today’s top talent wants to know more about the organization than just a job post on a job board.

    When recruitment marketing combined with job boards can do wonders for the quality of applications you receive.

  • You need them more than they need you:

    You could be a big brand or an early-stage start-up, you’ll always need people to work for you. People can help the organization grow multiple times than it is today.

    But for job seekers, it’s probably not the same. They have more opportunities today than ever. They have organizations treating their employees better.

    Maybe you treat your employees well. But how would a job seeker know that?

    They can only know if the current/ past employees told them, right!

    Ask your employees to talk about their experience working with the organization in open forums. This can build trust for the employer brand.

    And again, this is a part of recruitment marketing!

  • Ghosting is still happening 🙁

    I’m sure every job seeker out there would have experienced this. You get interviewed for a job and that’s all.

    Your calls are not picked. No emails answered. Eventually, the candidate loses interest and most of them would not apply to the organization again.

    And also, some recruiters make sure to update the status of the candidate.

    Now, the ghosting I’m talking about here is not this. It’s the other way around.

    Candidates ghost recruiters just after they are offered, and even worse on their first day of the job.

    Either way not providing an update (candidate or the recruiter) is not a professional way of handling situations.

    This can be avoided by giving a good interview experience to the candidate and making them feel comfortable to talk. And also, keep them updated throughout the process.

    There could be a huge chance that they would inform you beforehand and not just ghost you.

  • You don’t want to be left out

    Did you know: 46% of recruiters see their job more as marketing.

    Yes, that’s right!

    You do not want to be left out struggling to find the right candidates for your hiring managers while others are easily doing it with recruitment marketing.

    Marketing is a slow process that gives long-term results. So is the case with recruitment marketing.

    If you are working on implementing RM in your organization, you already have the vision to become the STAR employee brand.

    But you’ll need a process to start.

6 step fail-safe process to start recruitment marketing

After the detailed talk about why organizations need recruitment marketing, I hope you are looking forward to starting recruitment marketing.

Why wait anymore? Let’s dive into the fundamentals of starting recruitment marketing for any organization.

  • You want them to know:

    The ideal job seekers should know who you are and what business you deal with.

    This might seem relevant to start-ups only, but let me tell you it is important for every organization to tell your story to the world.

    “If you don’t tell your own story, someone else will”

    The organization’s website and social media (will depend on where your target audience hangs out – LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) pages should be updated with the basic information about the company.

    I have seen many company pages on LinkedIn which put in complex descriptions in the about section which are not recommended.

    The job seeker just wants to understand what & whose problems do you solve.

    For example, if you check out the ‘About Us’ page of TurboHire, it says “mission to enable better and faster talent decisions about professionals.”

    Nothing works better than just Keeping things Simple.

  • You want them to pay attention:

    You have created an optimized About Page/ section that has made a first impression on the job seeker.

    Now, they would want to look at the content.

    • Blog posts on the website
    • Posts on social media

    These are the two places you can start building content about the organization (values, work culture, working style, employee stories, updates, achievements, and anything that adds brand value to the company).

    To build trust with the job seekers, conduct interviews with your employees or ask them to record short videos about their experience working for you.

    Share small and big achievements of individual employees, teams, and the organization as well.

    Encourage employees to actively mention & tag the organization on social media whenever possible.

    Gentle Note: Content is a long game. You may not see immediate results but will see Nothuge results in the long run.

  • Know your Job seekers:

    There is something called the ‘buyer persona’ in marketing.

    “Buyer persona is the ideal person who has the need and budget of the product. Defining a buyer persona gives clarity in understanding the target segments whose problem you can solve. This can optimize and increase the marketing returns.”

    Likewise, it is important to create a Candidate Persona.

    Of course, the candidate requirement would differ based on the job role. But when I say Candidate Persona, I meant in terms of their values and beliefs with regards to work.

    Here are a few things you want to include while creating a candidate persona.

    • Interests
    • Motivation
    • Culture
    • Skills
    • Goals
    • Online hangout places

    You can customize the ‘skills’ element according to different jobs.

    You can target people according to the candidate persona whenever you are creating content, promoting jobs, and running paid campaigns on social media for recruitment.

    Candidate Persona is more powerful when you can nudge the interests and goals of these candidates.

  • Use Email Recruitment Marketing:

    Whenever a candidate lands on your website, make sure to capture their email address, especially for recruitment needs.

    You can offer them a freebie “How to get your first job in 10 steps?” or anything that adds value to their job search process.

    This can be continued by providing value weekly or bi-weekly or monthly through newsletters.

    Additionally, relevant jobs can be promoted to these email subscribers.

  • Online Reputation Management (ORM):

    The employee reviews on Glassdoor or Ambitionbox are equally important as customer reviews on G2 or Capterra.

    On average, candidates will read six company reviews before forming an opinion about the business

    Make sure to provide a wonderful employee experience and ask your employees to share it on relevant platforms.

    If the candidate does not find enough reviews, there is a huge chance of not considering the opportunity as well.

  • Recruit & Repeat:

    Once the candidate applies, everything depends on the process of hiring now.

    Here are a few things to remember to enhance candidate experience:

    • Keep them posted on the status of their application.
    • Make sure the interviews start and end on time.
    • The candidate’s availability is equally important to the interviewer’s availability.
    • Mutual respect is key.
    • Ensure a smooth interview process with the help of technology.

    Once you are done with the hiring process, you are good to go and repeat the recruitment marketing process to get better at it. Measure your progress to get the best out of recruitment marketing.

3 Mistakes to avoid in Recruitment Marketing

There are a few things that go wrong when you start as a beginner. Here are a few mistakes that can prevent you from committing.

  • The Usual Job Description:

    I am sorry to say that candidates are no longer interested in job descriptions that are generic and common in nature.

    A job description should have the tone of talking to another person across the table.

    There is nothing wrong with asking for a degree and experience. In some professions, a degree is important to practice.

    Otherwise, emphasizing skills would make the candidates apply.

    I have come across JDs where they mention what they are expecting from the candidate in 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months down the line. That shows everything is well planned in the organization.

  • Showing only the logo:

    Many companies do not show people on their websites or social media pages. When I say people, I mean the real people of the organization

    I understand it is completely one’s comfort level to show up on the internet. But when we are in the business of the internet, it is kinda important to stay and say ‘Hi’ with a big smile.

    Posting pictures and videos of the people of the organization build trust and comfort.

    At TurboHire, we have Aman Gour, Co-Founder of TurboHire, always capturing moments of employees. This shows what close-knit we are as a company.

    So try to bring employees to show up on social media. Trust me it’s very much fun too.

  • Hi-Hello Onboarding:

    No matter if you are from a large organization or a small one, it is important to have not only a smooth onboarding but also a fun one.

    Of course, the new employee finds it difficult to find and interact with people. Plan icebreakers and fun introduction sessions. Schedule their calendar to interact with different employees.

    You can also think of some crazy stuff to have fun onboarding.

    Only 12% of employees would strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees.

    Let’s change this statistic, shall we?

TurboHire can help!

I understand this is a lot to do while closing positions. TurboHire is here to take some load off your shoulders in terms of recruitment marketing.

Actually not only recruitment marketing, but a lot more related to recruiting.

How about a demo with our product expert?

If you still are in doubt, let’s look at a few benefits of using TurboHire for your recruitment marketing.

  • If you remember, we talked about defining the candidate persona. To identify if a candidate suits the candidate persona for the job, you can create inquiry forms with suitable questions where the candidate can fill in while applying for the job.

You can later filter based on the answers provided. Doesn’t it save you a lot of time?

  • I cannot stress enough the importance of measuring in recruitment and recruitment marketing.

TurboHire has a rich source of analytic reports which helps you measure some of the important metrics like the source performance and hiring velocity.

I can talk all day about what wonders TurboHire can do to your recruitment process. I would suggest you better see it yourself by booking a demo now.

Final words for successful recruitment marketing

Before you go ahead and start your recruitment marketing journey, I want you to know one thing.

Even though this guide should be used as a guide for your recruitment marketing process, it should not be the only thing. There are often outliers who think unthinkable, and you should keep that in mind.

The only thing that can get you results is Perseverance.`

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