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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Prabir Jha as Strategic Advisor to TurboHire – Resources

We are honored to have with us Prabir Jha talking about his contribution to make TurboHire one of the leading recruitment organizations and what the future of Recruitment looks like. We are determined to make significant progress and live up to his kindness and goodwill.

One of the greatest values of a mentor is the ability to see ahead of what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. We are indeed lucky to have us Prabir Jha, Founder & CEO of Prabir Jha People Advisory, who is also a Strategic Advisor and Investor with TurboHire.

About Prabir Jha

A LinkedIn Power Profile, a TEDx speaker, columnist and active Tweeter, Prabir Jha has been the CHRO of two New York Stock Exchange-listed companies as also the CHRO of two Fortune 500 companies.

A Human Resources strategist with diverse industry experience, from the civil service to engineering, Information Technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and a conglomeration of Hydrocarbons, retail, media, and telecom/ digital services. He has been the CHRO of two New York Stock Exchange-listed companies as also the CHRO of two Fortune 500 companies. He has further Helped all companies where he had been the CHRO to make it to the list of Top Ten Best Companies to Work For in India.

What Does He Have To Say About TurboHire?

He shares with us the Why of his decision to join TurboHire, How has been the experience so far and What are the major problems that the Talent Acquisition industry has been facing, and How TurboHire is solving those problems intelligently.

Why TurboHire?

“First and most importantly, the quality of absolute bright minds is never a failed story. And when these hungry bright minds come together to solve a problem that was waiting to be solved, magic is bound to happen. And I thought it would not only be a great experience & learning for me but I will also get to help address a big gap in what I believe the Talent Acquisition Industry faces. TurboHire uses augmented intelligence in a data-centric platform, using a convenient, easy and effective technology to address the problems in the HR space”, says Prabir Jha.

Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Opportunity With The 3 Es – Prabir Jha

According to Prabir Jha, TurboHire has ironed out every wrinkle that you can think of in the entire value chain of Talent Acquisition. And it really focuses on Efficiency, Economics, and Experience. These 3Es are central to what TurboHire has to offer to all clients and any hiring across the entire experience of Talent Acquisition.

Key Ingredients Of Fluid Decision Making In Hiring, With TurboHire

Prabir Jha believes that from sourcing candidates to making data anchored decisions, TurboHire helps Recruiters can make smart, better, and more strategic choices in their hiring. Making the entire process of hiring smooth and intelligent for Recruiters is what we call Fluid Decision Making between TA & Hiring Managers.

Talent Acquisition faces the challenges of time, cost, and human bias. TurboHire is intelligently optimizing efficiency. Additionally, data extraction through AI reduces human bias and error. Employers increase time connecting with qualified candidates as a result. Use fewer resources for candidate sourcing and screening. Spend more energy on connecting.

Hence, Prabir Jha believes TurboHire is solving one of the hiring problems on both sides: for the Candidate, as well as the Recruiter. Seamless Candidate experience with ease of Recruiter’s decision making means solving the biggest problem in Recruitment.

“Come Join TurboHire” – Prabir Jha

“I am so tickled by the opportunity to be a part of TurboHire’s growth story. I would really urge each one of you to reach out to us so that we can help you understand the magic that TurboHire can do to the effectiveness and success of your Talent Acquisition and your Employer Branding. Come reach out to us and talk to us. Look forward!” – Prabir Jha

Prabir Jha is an accomplished thought leader, one of the most widely followed CHRO, on social media. We believe his contribution will make TurboHire even more friendly to recruiters and result-driven to organizations.

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