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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is software that helps each organization in its unique way. However, one process that remains constant in all of these organizations is the process of attracting, hiring, and maximizing talent. To achieve these end goals, recruiters will need the help of software that provides the minimum help needed to attract the best of talents. ATS is one such software that allows for better functioning in the department. But why is TurboHire’s ATS free? Well, apart from providing some of the benefits to our customers, here’s a list of other reasons why TurboHire is providing a free ATS version.

5 significant benefits of Applicant Tracking for a recruiter

1. Provides a faster and better resume screening experience

No more wasting time on bad applicants and trying to identify talented profiles as all of this can now be done with the help of automation. Each new job opening in an organization will indeed lead to an average of 250 applicants which is quite an overwhelming number. It is hence a hard task when recruiters need to condense the numbers to just 5 or 6 candidates. An ATS however helps reduce this task by filtering off candidates with the right match with the help of an initial screening of all applications.

2. Reduces the stress of heavy paperwork

Paperwork is not the only thing that stresses out recruiters, it is also the budgets that tend to lead to the stress. However, when papers are used lesser, the lower the amount of money being spent on them. Hence by digitizing the entire task, recruiters can save on both work and paper.

According to statistics, it is observed that about 33% of the HR manager spend most of their time on payroll and administration, which in turn leaves out less amount of time for engaging with employees, their training, and for productive strategies to be implemented. With ATS, recruiters can digitally store all of the work on an e- cloud platform and hence provide time for other tasks that take up time.

3. Allows candidates to apply quickly and easily for jobs

According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder, it is found that candidates do not want to complete the applications that will take longer than 20 minutes. This will hence lead to a loss of talented candidates applying for the open positions. To ensure that the best of talents apply for the job, you need to ensure that there is a one-click application being facilitated or reduce the time needed. This can now be achieved by utilizing ATS which provides a lower amount of time needed to apply for the jobs.

4. Provides great communication and increases engagement

According to a study conducted by G2, it is found that about 63% of job seekers tend to reject a job offer due to a bad candidate experience. This is exactly why recruiters need to focus more on the candidate experience and engagement front, which will help them get the relevant candidates for the position.

With several integrations and the activities related to HR being combined all into a single place, it is easier to focus on communicating with the candidates. TurboHire provides a better way to communicate with candidates all in a single place with the help of WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn integrations along with the other ATS facilities.

5. Streamlining the process of onboarding

Successful onboarding is one of the main sections of the hiring process. According to statistics gathered by SHRM, it was observed that about 69% of the employees are more likely to stay for more than 3 years if they experience great onboarding. This means retaining an employee will eventually depend on the onboarding experience the employee receives.

With TurboHire’s ATS integration along with SAP Success factors, recruiters can take a sigh of relief for providing a great onboarding experience.

Applicant Tracking System integration with TurboHire

TurboHire aims at providing a seamless experience when it comes to the hiring process. Be it for the recruiters or the candidates, TurboHire ensures that both the sections get an equal amount of importance and hence ensuring there is a smooth process being strategized for the organization. All of this can now be accessed through our free ATS integrations.

Your Free ATS subscription with TurboHire will include:

    • Searching and filtering the best talent using AI
    • Track applicants with customized hiring pipelines
    • Schedule interviews in bulk and effectively along with scorecards
    • Improve productivity with better candidate communication

It is ideal for recruiters, CHROs, talent leaders, and Hiring Managers. You can make use of advanced AI/ML techniques, custom Boolean, equipped resume parser, and power yet customizable filters to track top talent.

What all does TurboHire’s free ATS include?

What’s the greatest part of TurboHire’s ATS? Well, for one part, it is free and for the other part, it is free without any constraints! Well, with that being said there’s no add-on, TurboHire’s Applicant Tracking System is genuinely free. Feel free to post as many job ads you like and increase your user base multi-fold. This will ensure that you get a great reach out and hence generate better candidates than your competitors.

Apart from this, you can view all your applications from the various job boards you post on. Organize your database and convert all applicants to smart cards.

Post this, we are also offering you two of our most-love features for free – the automated interview scheduling feature and a customized recruiting reports feature. Think of it as your first step toward a strategic hiring process. Here are the value propositions of the freemium version:

1. Job Management

Job management is a piece of cake when you have TurboHire’s ATS assisting you throughout the hiring process. All of the openings being added to a single platform will be easier for recruiters to check the updates and the progress of each hiring campaign.

2. Careers Page

Employers can ensure that they get their own career page set up while maintaining the brand image. This will lead to a unique experience for candidates who will be applying to your organization’s job openings. You will also be able to create custom job application formats with lower time being dedicated to job applications which in turn will bring more candidates.

3. Reports

The creation of reports for each stage of the hiring process can be a bit of a headache especially when there is more than one report being prepared at a single time for multiple hiring campaigns. To avoid this task, overloading you along with the other tasks, you can use the free ATS provided by TurboHire, to get your reports created in a single time. All of this can also be stored in a single place and hence not worrying about them getting misplaced. You can also manage the access options for your fellow teammates.

4. Resume Parsing

Resume screening remains one of the tasks that consume time in a hiring process. To reduce the time consumed by this task, recruiters must start integrating resume parsers into their system. This tool is not just a life-saver but will also allow a better hiring process than your traditional hiring style.

5. Interviews

Interview scheduling needs both the cooperation of the recruiter and the candidate to get it done, but the major part of it depends on the candidate’s decision. To make the process easier, automated interview scheduling is one of the best ways. This tool provides a foolproof way to get through a large list of interviews all with proper schedules being set up.

6. Email management

Waking up to curating emails for each candidate and sending them out on time for better engagement can be a bit hard especially when there are more than just 4 or 5 candidates for a job opening. Not to mention the time consumed in sending them on an individual basis daily. This can be automated with the email management feature which provides a set calendar where you can optimize which mail you’d like to send out and when.

7. Integrations

The integrations feature is one of the best ways to maintain a continuous means of communication. With integrations such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn, recruiters can keep a track of the communication pattern with the candidates and ensure there is an active engagement with the candidate.

8. LinkedIn extension

LinkedIn is one of the primary platforms that recruiters utilize to hire great candidates. Using the LinkedIn extension, recruiters can ensure that they are always on the tip of updates regarding the applications, the responses, and the overall hiring processes.

Can you upgrade from the Free ATS plan?

Yes, you can upgrade to the Pro model. It includes all the features available in the freemium model. Along with that, you get a bunch of more features and we are here to share with you the feature-wise value proposition of the Pro model.

You get the following additional benefits when you upgrade to the pro mode:

1. Enquiry Forms

Enquiry forms are a great way of collecting information regarding the candidates. This is especially helpful when you have 20 odd candidates joining your organization and you need to contact each of the references provided by them. In such cases, you can just send out this customized enquiry form which will gather all of the relevant information within just minutes.

2. Scorecards

Scorecards might be one of the easiest ways to rank your candidates based on their performance and qualities. If you are wondering how this works, well, it provides a great way to select the best of best talents by ranking them based on their performance during the assessments and their qualities mentioned in the resume.

3. 1-way interview

Interviews can be automated where you need not attend each of the interviews in person. This 1-way interview can provide a great first screening stage for the candidates from which selected candidates can proceed to the next level. This provides a two-level interview stage which is much more thorough and allows for a better decision.

4. Employer branding

Brands are an important aspect when it comes to hiring candidates. Employers will be putting forth their brand images when they are initiating a hiring campaign. You can add in your brand information and help it reach out to a better audience.

5. AI customization

Both ranking and shortlisting candidates can now be automated with AI customization. This allows for a better ranking and shortlisting option based on the needs of the recruiters and the organization.

6. Partners

Collaborating with several vendors and other partners for a smooth hiring procedure can be done in a single platform with the Pro TurboHire ATS version. This feature will make sure you stay updated on your needs and your end goals.

7. Email sync

With the email sync feature, you can ensure that your email is free of any spam messages while also ensuring that you have your candidate engagement in flow with your daily tasks.

8. Candidate Management

Candidates can be easily managed based on their stage. Those candidates you have shortlisted can be separated and those that need additional stages can be separated and hence ensuring that there is proper segregation of candidates.

Final words

With so many benefits and various options being placed in front of you, you can be assured to get the best results for your next hiring campaign. You can also try out the free ATS version right away without having to worry about plans. You can also upgrade your plans as and when you need them. With multiple add-ons, you can choose from pro, premium, and enterprise options that enable you to activate great tools!

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