Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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TurboHire Presents TurboGraphic

Talent Acquisition trends, analysis, insight, forecast

TurboGraphic is a curation of top talent acquisition and retention dynamics via multimedia games, data viz and animation. Now access an array of fun and interactive infographics for understanding industry trends and practices. We are offering in-depth analysis and insights, supported by inputs from our large network sources, with a dash of fun-play!

    Give Wings to Employee Engagement

    Feed your employees with exciting gifts like gamification to sustain their enjoyability and motivation towards their work. Engaged and happier employees are known to produce better results.


    Super Hiring with Super Mario

    Let your company grow in size like Mario does by following the latest developments of the industry’s hiring practices. Improve your growth graph while collecting the coins of success along the way.


    Building The Tower Of Campus Hiring

    Choose the correct methods of digitizing campus hiring and aim to position your company in the perfect spot. Reach new heights of digital recruitment with TurboHire’s advanced features.


    The Fruits of Virtual Interviewing

    The fruits of virtual interviews are right out there for you and your company to grab. Make sure you’re using the right digital tools and technologies to enjoy the sweetness of these fruits.


    Developing Candidate Qualities with Tetris

    Solve the puzzles of the trending candidate qualities in 2021 to make sure your company hires the best. Match candidate-quality tiles with the exact skill-sets required by your company.


    Smash Bricking Hiring with Automated One-Way Interview

    Automated One-way interview is a novel interviewing concept that allows recruiters to send questions to candidates which can be recorded by candidates at their convenience. This type of interviewing is predominantly used for initial screening to save time.


    Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Hiring

    Plan your company’s strategies accordingly to climb the ladders of success and achieve your goals and objectives. Beware of the snakes (disadvantages) on the way and target your steps carefully.


    A Guide to Remote Work by Pacman

    Dear remote workers, get inspired by Pacman clearing his path towards victory by collecting all the advantages and making the best use of them. Don’t let the ghosts of disadvantages get in your way of achieving success!


    Caterpillar feeds on the benefits of remote work

    Out of the long list of benefits of remote work, we have picked out the 5 most important ones. Continue growing your company’s success rates just as our caterpillar by enjoying all the benefits of remote work.


    Spot the 7 Best Employee-Driven Global Brands

    We researched and discovered the top global brands that have managed to prioritize their employees’ well-being even in tough times like the pandemic. Hoping more companies are inspired to do the same through this gesture.


    Successful Remote Work Set-up Recipe Tips

    We have shortlisted for you the 6 most vital ingredients of a remote work set-up. If you want your company to enjoy all the benefits of remote work, these can be your magic beans!

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