Talent Acquisition Platform

Intelligent recruiting put into a meticulously crafted workflow for end to end Talent Acquisition, basically your ATS on Steroids


Pillars of Intelligent Recruiting

Source & Attract

Reach out to the right candidates at the right place

“Amazing Experience with Turbo Hire. The speed with which the applicants got listed was terrific and the I could find 2 people fitting the job.”

Rohit NCo-Founder, Marketing Head,

Social Media Marketing of Jobs

Post jobs on job boards like Google Jobs, Indeed and LinkedIn

Generate candidates with employee referrals and reward the performers – Sourcing Jams

Generate supply from vendors and search consultants

Retarget past candidates automatically using TurboHire Re-Discover Algorithms

Utilize TurboHire talent pools built on top of Partnerships with great institutions like ISB for your talent needs

Talk to candidates who visit your careers page right from your Facebook pages

Turbohire Connect is a Chrome Extension for faster sourcing of candidates.

Find Top Talent

Utilize TurboHire evaluation engine for screening candidates.

“Hasslefree and intelligent hiring solution”

Dhiraj VCo-Founder & COO, Amplify Energy India

Convert resumes in any format into TurboHire Smart Cards

Screen based on competencies or create your custom competency

Utilize proprietary company datasets to find relevant candidates based on company context

Utilize proprietary company datasets to find relevant candidates based on the context of work experience

TurboHire Smart Search enables you do Google-like searches on your candidate data

Manage and Schedule

Effectively manage candidates in pipeline and schedule meetings and interviews.

“Turbohire simplifies the rigorous hiring process with it's”

Debabrata BManagement Consultant, AllinCall

Communicate to candidates effectively using in-built messaging service

Generate questionnaires to gather data about availability etc. from platform

Send Bulk communication to candidates

Automated reminders to candidates about various system processes

Collaborate with rich collaboration tools in the system

Share smart-shortlist with interview panel for review and planning

Easy job management, sharing jobs with Hiring Team

Maintain job categorization and states for tracking status of jobs

Duplicate candidate detection

Interview & Evaluate

Easily set up interviews and uniform candidate evaluation.

“Awesome interface, Intelligent tool”

Vicky JFounder & CEO Information Technology and Services

Schedule Interviews and video interviews between candidates and interviewers hiring managers

Rate candidates using pre-defined templates to ensure uniformity

Allow tagging on candidates

Share Rich Candidate analysis with Interviewers using Interview list

Supports special flows for diversity and inclusive hiring

Offer and Hire

Generate offer letters and keep them engaged.

“I am glad that our talent acquisition team is able to spend more time on conversions by talking to candidates.”

Ganesh SankaranPrime Focus Technology

Send offer letters to candidates from system

Share rich media with candidates after hiring to keep the candidates engaged

Report and Analyze

Track all the import KPIs for your business.

“Recruiting platform with Intelligence at various steps”

Amit KChief Human Resources Officer

Job Analytics about supply, candidate addition and supply contribution

Downloadable reports as excel

Track complete activity of candidates in traces

Get rich reporting of candidates in different jobs and units


Integrate with many TurboHire compatible tools.

“We now get unbiased opinion on true functional fit of a candidate with Relevance Labs.”

Soumendra DasRelevance Labs

Tools to extract resumes from your inbox

Auto-sync tool to remove the hassle of manually adding candidates

Out-of-box integrations with other ATS

Setup Organization

Collaborate with your entire organization with TurboHire.

“TurboHire is an innovative product which can be utilizes for hiring across domains.”

Vivek GuptaFounder, Plancess Edu Solutions

Add users with various privileges like Admin, Hiring Manager, Recruiter

Co-work on jobs and contribute together

View your license history, manage expenses and payment history

Set up templates for your hiring processes for uniformity across different jobs

Talent Discovery Platform

Convert your candidate database into a linkedin- like network to save cost & time while building a great candidate brand

Talent Intelligence APIs

Utilize the intelligence into your own HRMS or Job Boards for Resume Parsing and AI Based Recommendations

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