TurboHire’s Free ATS Version – What Does It Present?


Competition in the area of talent is much more fierce than ever before and it has become even more difficult for recruiters to find and hire the right candidates for the job. Times like these need solutions that are unique to such problems. One such solution is streamlining the entire hiring process by usage of recruitment automation features. ATS also called the Applicant tracking system is one of those methods that allow a much-streamlined process compared to the elaborate method of hiring a candidate.

Introduction of an ATS which is a software solution specially curated by TurboHire is one that helps recruiters source talent assess potential, tracking of interview processes, evaluate of performance of these candidates, make offers and hire. All of these features along with the right set of report insights and analytics will make the process a simple one.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

The applicant tracking system also commonly called ATS is a system that helps companies to organize candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes. These systems also allow the business to gain information, and organization prospects based on skillset and experience while also filtering applicants based on needs.

It is observed that there are about 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using this system which is an excellent place to store candidate information and track communication with them. Wondering what makes TurboHire’s ATS so special? Here are some of the features that you get when you check out our free ATS through TurboHire!

Job management:

Posting jobs on job boards and handling them all at a single time takes a lot of time out of the hiring process. This especially happens when you get a lot of applicants through each job opening. Checking their resumes and managjing the job portals at the same time then becomes a great task to tackle! This can however be avoided when you get ATS.

ATS allows a much easier screening of candidates who have applied for the job. Handling multiple jobs on job portals now becomes easier as you get to access them all at a single place without having to scram through the websites.

Careers page:

Now you need not only post a public job opening post, instead, you can also create your own career page through ATS from TurboHire. This feature allows for your own company’s brand to be established while also attracting candidates to your website.

This allows the candidates to check out the website and understand what your company has to provide for them. This in turn will increase the chances of getting candidates who actually understand the role and what tasks they need to do.

Hiring reports:

More than tens of reports to be prepared in a day? Might be a tough task for those who are not aware of ATS! But for those who are already using ATS, know about the benefits they acquire especially in terms of preparation of tonnes of reports.

With ATS, it is possible to acquire free hiring report templates, that allow recruiters to prepare reports based on their needs within just moments. These hiring reports also tend to come in handy when there is another campaign to be set up and understanding of the factors affecting the hiring process is to be kept in check.

Resume parsing:

Resume parsing one of the best features of ATS is one that will take most of the load from recruiters and automate the process of going through resumes. With a resume parser, you can check only those resumes that are of importance. While those without any relevancy can be discarded.

It is observed according to a study conducted by Forbes that about 75% of the qualified job applicants were rejected by ATS due to spurious reasons such as incorrect resume formatting. This

Schedule interview:

“48% of candidates respond positively to receiving interview information ahead of time”


Scheduling interviews compatible with both the candidate’s and recruiter’s timings can be complicated. This situation can however be avoided by automated interview scheduling. Using this feature, the candidates can check the slots that are available and can select one that is suitable for them. This will help for a faster response from the candidate’s side while also improving the candidate’s experience on a higher level.

It is also observed that with the usage of ATS, 94% of recruiters have seen an improvement in the quality of the hiring process.

Communication management:

Communicating with candidates efficiently is the key to hiring quality candidates. Especially when there are a lot of applicants and handling them is a task, recruiters can access the ATS which allows an easier option of communication management with the candidates.

It is also seen through a LinkedIn study that about 52% of the candidates who were given feedback were likely to continue a great relationship with the company. This means that regardless of how the interview proceeded, it is important to provide feedback that will allow the candidates to communicate with the company at a much better level.


Using the integration feature by TurboHire allows integration of the existing system into the TurboHire account. This allows for a smooth workflow even when you are in-between the hiring process. Now recruiters can smoothly shift over to the ATS mode provided by TurboHire without having to worry about losing data on the candidates.

Not having integrations makes the already hard tasks pile up and hence take a longer duration of hiring processes. This is why integrations ensure the following things apart from a shorter time of hiring:

  • Improvement in security
  • Smarter data reporting and analysis
  • Consistency in hiring processes
  • Higher productivity levels

LinkedIn extension:

The ease of managing the jobs posted on LinkedIn can now be improved by using the LinkedIn extension. This feature that TurboHire provides ensures that you get all the details of the candidates that you are looking for. You can also readily access the jobs and their management through this extension.

The LinkedIn extension will also further allow for a much easier way to connect with the candidates. This feature also allows for the following tasks to be performed:

  • Accessing social profiles of candidates
  • Work experience related to a candidate
  • Education levels
  • Skills that a candidate possesses.

Benefits of using the TurboHire’s Free ATS version:

By using the free version of ATS provided by TurboHire, recruiters can gain the following benefits:

1. Speeding up the hiring process:

ATS is designed in such a way that there will be an increased speed in HR’s task of reviewing job applications and resumes. Before the candidates are hired, ATS allows for a faster filtration of applications and resumes according to the keywords the recruiters are looking for. This hence speeds up the hiring process.

2. Is a much more cost-efficient option:

The cost to hire increases when recruiters do not use recruitment tools. Most of the Ats software provided is much cheaper and hence reducing the cost that is needed to hire while increasing the efficiency of the hiring process.

3. Increase the relevance of your job posted:

The ATS allows for those candidates to be pulled towards the job posting that is more relevant and those who are not relevant can be removed from the list of candidates. This allows for increasing the relevance of the job that is being posted.


While recruiting is a big challenge for new companies and there are high chances that you would want to be meticulous while hiring candidates. Using an ATS allows to relieve most part of the work and remove stress from the recruiters hence working can be more efficient. The applicant tracking system can transform the way that you handle your business and recruitment processes and hence help you in your search for the best additions to your team.

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