Turbohire for


Utilize your candidate Goldmine

A candidate discovery platform engine that can find best matching candidates for your jobs.

Effectively source, screen, manage candidates using a new age applicant-tracking system.

Identify Great Candidates

  • Who have the right competency and skills.
  • Who fit in your company culture with industry fit.
  • Who will delight the hiring manager

Improved Candidates Experience

  • Source Candidate through Social Network.
  • Utilize employee referrals to find great candidates.

Manage Vendors

  • Find search agencies for your recruitment needs.
  • Streamline relationship with your search consultant.
  • Zero effort in supply management and duplicate detection.

Get Recommendations

  • Get back to old applicants when there is a new requirement.
  • Manage and reuse your resume bank with zero effort.




Reduction in Talent Discovery Effort

Improvement in Time-to-hire


Fewer Interviews

Talent Acquisition Platform

Intelligent recruiting put into a meticulously crafted workflow for end to end Talent Acquisition, basically your ATS on Steroids

Talent Discovery Platform

Convert your candidate database into a linkedin-like network to save cost & time while building a great candidate brand

Talent Intelligence

Utilize the intelligence into your own HRMS or Job Boards for Resume Parsing and AI Based Recommendations

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