Top US Scientist join hands with an Indian start-up

Hyderabad Startup TurboHire, announces acceptance by Dr Edward Rogers, Chief Knowledge Officer Goddard Space Flight Centre, NASA as its Mentor Advisor.

Dr Edwards Rogers

will help TurboHire to improve world’s simplest job search and job application framework for candidates and fastest talent evaluation and consensus driven hire/ no-hire decision making by recruiting organization. This bi-directional efficiency will create massive impact at scale for <million Jobseekers> and <million Jobs available> in India alone.

“Turbohire has tackled a problem many organizations and governments face: that of speedily and effectively hiring the right talent. They are applying the latest thinking and technology on both sides, creating a winning space for recruiter and jobseeker, giving faster legs to Job Markets with its system-wide solution”, says Dr Rogers.

As a research scholar and faculty, Dr Rogers has also been extensively teaching on Managing Complexity in today’s intelligent and global enterprises. He has received a Ph.D. in Human Resources Management from Cornell University. His research applies game theory models to human behaviour and decision-making at large and hi-tech organizations including NASA. In early 1980s, he performed five years of on-ground relief work in war-ravaged Southern Lebanon. is a new-age Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP). Talent Acquisition in current Job markets is like an onion involving layers of assessment on background, capability, skills, education, communication, and personality of the candidate. Surprisingly, these layers of fallibility are also applicable to Recruiter as a human. Current solutions in the market have, till date, completely ignored Recruiter issues and put focus of technology only on Candidates, superficial trends in hiring and unidirectional communication in hiring process.

“We help organizations to manage entire hiring operations on a single platform, source at amazing speed on multiple candidate channels, quickly identify right talent, conduct multi-directional communication to achieve ultra-fast and ultra-smooth hiring decisions” avers Deepak Agrawal Founder TurboHire. is available as easy-to-onboard SaaS offering. It is in use by 100+ organizations and is being evaluated by some of the largest employers in India. Going forward, TurboHire envisions to create friction-less Jobs Market for dynamic .

Tubrohire is about 2 years old and is based at DLabs Incubation Center in ISB, Hyderabad. It is founded by a team of IITians and NITians with prior experience in Microsoft, Google, ISB and Infosys.