Moonshot – Event for CXOs, Founders and HR Leaders

Talk by Dr. Ed Rogers

Who selected Neil Armstrong? How was he selected? How did they know he would perfectly execute the mission? In this talk with a tantalizing title, Dr. Ed Rogers, shares his experience on building great teams with the context of how technology and human can collaborate.

Dr. Edward Rogers CKO at Goddard Space Center of NASA who also specializes in topics of Managing Complexities. With his unique and fun style of sharing knowledge and wisdom, Edward Rogers have been a visiting faculty at Indian School of Business.

Tête-à-tête with Dr. Chandrasekhar Sripada

People, Process and Technology are three crucial components of running a great HR vertical. With Dr. Chandra as a guide on your side, participate in open discussion on how new age tools can help in building high performing teams

Dr. Chandrasekhar Sripada has been a President and VP of HR at organizations like Dr. Reddys, IBM, Capgemini. Practitioner turned researcher, Dr. Chandra currently teaches Strategic Human Resource Management at Indian School of Business. He like to believe himself as a Guide-on-a-side for his students.