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Work-life balance survey questions

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Why is it essential to ask work-life balance survey questions?


Without a proper work-life balance being provided, it is possible that there will be burnout which will then lead to mistakes and become increasingly stressful. Including the work-life balance survey questions, it is possible to acquire the target areas of the workplace that needs improvement. To ensure there is proper productivity during working hours it is essential to get to know the employee’s perspective. 


20 examples of work-life balance survey questions


  1. How satisfied are you with your current work hours?
  2. Have you ever missed out on a personal event due to work?
  3. Could you benefit from offloading some of your tasks to another employee?
  4. How often do you work overtime?
  5. How often do you take work home?
  6. How satisfied are you with your current work/life balance?
  7. How often do you keep working on weekends?
  8. Are you satisfied with your work schedule?
  9. How often do you take work with you on vacation?
  10. Do you check your emails even after office hours are over?
  11. How many hours of your sleep on average on a work night?
  12. Do you prioritize your job over your personal life?
  13. Do you prioritize your family over work?
  14. Do you sacrifice sleep to spend more time with your family?
  15. How many hours per week do you work on average?
  16. How long does it take to commute to your workplace?
  17. Does commuting take most of the time required for work?
  18. What can we as a company do to improve your work/life balance?
  19. If you were to add more balance to both your work and life routine what actions would you take?
  20. Name some healthy actions that you take to keep a better work/life routine.


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