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With the world seeing COVID-19 outbreaks, work from home has become the new norm for several companies. With the help of improved technology, many employees experiment working remotely. The boon found from their experiences has helped companies create a new channel of communication with their employees. 


Several studies show that workers over 9 months found that working from home increased their productivity by 50%. This increase in performance was due to the increase in communication from an environment most suited by the individuals. 


Here is a template you can use to request your employees to work from home.


Possible Subject: Request for working from home during COVID-19.




Dear [Employee Name],


As you know, Covid-19 has been a heavy take for all of us, making it difficult for us to commute. Keeping that in mind, we have adapted to the new facelift of working from home, providing our employees with the same benefit. By working at home, we feel that we could possess all kinds of new opportunities and challenges too. 


Would it be possible for you to begin working from home while being flexible with our work hours? As the advances in technology have helped us progressively in maximizing communication, we will be available by various modes of channels and continue to believe in daily interactions while working from home.


We value your time in our office and we look forward to our continued collaboration. 


Here are some quick tips to help you work better at home.

  • Maintain your morning routine 
  • Make time for self-care
  • Focus on nutrition 
  • Take time to go outside 
  • Set regular work hours 


Thank you for your time and consideration.




[Your Name]



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