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There is no doubt that it was a successful year for remote work. Many of the popular remote work statistics help us know how far they have progressed in recent years, but there is still much to discover. 


Working from home is a new norm for many workers, with or without a pandemic. Enjoy the flexibility that remote work offers. Being happy certainly leads to better work productivity.


We dig deeper to find these fun facts about working from home! 


  • More work-life balance

Many claim that their home has a quiet and friendly atmosphere that helps them focus on their work and get it done quickly.


  • Motivation is the key to productivity.

Employees feel motivated as they get a good work-life balance, and improve their productivity.


  • Flexibility. 

Flexibility is adapted in the work-from-home lifestyle where the employees can work in flexible and relaxed hours at home. Make sure to mark your flexible time


Key- Factors of Working from Home:


  • Self-motivation

Self-motivation encourages you to love what you do and helps enhance your full potential. Practice your affirmations, celebrate victories, set your own goals, and stay motivated.


  • Create the Right Environment

Dedicate the right working space at home. Research on some ergonomics and comfort, to create the right aesthetics of a working lifestyle. Do not forget to move at regular intervals, rest, stand up or walk.


  • Get familiar with the technology you need 

Have a comfortable desk and chair to set up your working space. At minimum employees need a PC/laptop preferably less than 5 years old, some High-speed internet for Team video calls, and a camera or phone for virtual meetings. Employees must also adopt methods of safeguarding confidential data in accordance with company controls and policies.


  • Master your schedule 

Create a checklist or mark statuses on your calendar and in any communication app. Use apps to stay in the loop and be available outside scheduled hours if needed.


  • Adaptability

Companies certainly love and encourage their employees to remain productive and highly organized. Furthermore, employees must take initiative to collaborate with team members of the organization while paying attention to details and remaining cheerful and optimistic.


  • Strong time management skills

Block time for - upcoming time off, meeting preparations, and projects that require focus. Discuss with your manager how to manage time and results and communicate regularly with your supervisor about task priorities, deliverables, deadlines, etc


To sum it all up, working from home in the correct sense of duty can be very effective and fun. Moreover, as the growth of telecommuting is still spreading all around the globe, not every person has yet adapted to it. Hence, it is important for companies to educate their employees and guide them to the right approaches to working.


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