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Warning for attendance issue mail

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If you have noticed an employee’s irregularity and would like to let them know that such behavior is not acceptable, then you can now send in a warning for attendance issue mail that mentions how the irregularity in attendance has been affecting the overall productivity individually as well as the company’s growth. 


However, it is important that you inform and help out the employee out of this behavior and help them understand the importance of regular attendance. With the help of the following customizable template, it is now possible for Hr professionals to communicate efficiently. 




  • Warning notice for [attendance]


Template for Warning for attendance issue mail


Dear [employee name],


During the past few days, we have noticed that you have been taking an off for about [number] of days. This is negatively affecting both your individual performance at work along with the team’s productivity. We take [attendance] at work quite seriously and we also expect all our employees to follow the same.


However, as you have frequently violated [attendance policy] and have exceeded the number of days you can be absent from work despite reprimands, we have decided to provide this warning notice. We do understand that there may be some unexpected issues that may arise occasionally and we also do provide the leaves for the same. But we still expect that our employees will be professional and act accordingly.


This is your [first] warning notice. We expect you to correct this behavior or else we will have to take further disciplinary action against you and hence leading to termination.


I am available to discuss any issues that you may face due to [absence at work]. Please do feel free to contact me if there’s any way, I can help you out.




[your name]




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