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Time Extension Request For Payment

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Given the impact of Covid-19, many people have overcome obstacles and some are yet to overcome them. The loss of income has caused many individuals to hold back their ability to provide services and payments.


However, it is the duty and responsibility of each individual to fulfill their tasks in unfortunate times like these. 


Below is a mail template you can use during Covid-19 to send out to your vendors if you are looking for some time extension or haven't met the deadlines.


Mail sample for a time extension of payment to a vendor.


Subject: Mail to Extend Payment Duration




Dear [Name],


We refer to your request for payment received on [Date]. However, we need to extend this time by [insert period not more than 30 days]. 


Your request is due on  [date]. With your permission, we would like to extend our payment duration because [insert why you need time].


We sincerely hope to return the amount on the date mentioned above with your agreement. 


Please contact me on [number] or via email [email id] to let me know whether you agree to this extension or not.


If you have any questions about this mail, please feel free to contact us.


Thank You.







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