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Who is a Talent Lead?


A Talent Lead is an individual who manages the overall talent acquisition strategy of a company. Talent Leads have experience in working with the full spectrum of the recruitment process and employer branding. They must have a sharp eye for talented candidates and must be able to acquire them for the company. A Talent Lead is always committed to the company for achieving success. 


What does a Talent Lead do?


A Talent Lead is working very closely with the recruitment team to acquire the best talent. They are responsible for overseeing the talent acquisition process, the recruitment process, their overall planning, and execution. The main objective of a TL is to find, recruit and retain talented candidates from the company’s candidate pool. Talent Leads are given the freedom to implement and design their own strategies to ensure that the Talent Acquisition team is producing the best results. 


Job Brief


Our company is on the lookout for an experienced Talent Lead to join our HR team of experts. You will be helping our company to track and retain the best talent in the market. You will also ensure that our company has an excellent employer brand and build strong relationships with existing employees and candidates. If you are enthusiastic about hiring the best candidates for a company, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. 


Duties and responsibilities

  • Develop and execute sustainable talent acquisition strategies
  • Organize employee referral programs
  • Enhance the employer brand of the company
  • Use recruitment marketing tools and an ATS
  • Source and screen candidates with advanced methods
  • Conduct interviews and prepare interview questionnaires
  • Perform background checks on candidates and new employees
  • Review the hiring process for bottlenecks 
  • Track recruitment metrics and KPIs
  • Evaluate candidate experience and employee experience
  • Supervise the members of the recruitment team
  • Design and present KPI reports for the management team


Key requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR, Business Management, or related field
  • 5+ years of experience as Talent Lead, TA Manager, HR manager, or similar role
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of employer branding trends and techniques
  • Knowledge of the complete recruitment process and its methods
  • Experience in using an ATS, Recruitment Marketing tools, HRIS
  • Knowledge of the Human Resources laws and regulations

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