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Supervisor's Survey Questions

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Why is it important to ask the supervisor’s survey question?

If you are a supervisor wanting to know more about your performance and how it is actually affecting the overall performance of the employees under your supervision then you can now refer to the supervisor’s survey questions template that allows you to get an idea bout the same. You can also ensure whether your performance is up to what your employees have been expecting from you. If not, then what are some of the ways to improve them. 


20 examples of supervisor’s survey questions


  1. Do you receive constructive performance feedback from your supervisor
  2. Do you understand how your performance is being measured by your supervisor?
  3. Does your supervisor care about your development in the company?
  4. Do you think your supervisor cares for you as a person?
  5. Does your supervisor explain to you the reasons behind the decisions that were made?
  6. Does your supervisor communicate the performance expectations?
  7. Is the needed information being explained properly by your supervisor?
  8. How often do you receive recognition from your supervisor?
  9. The last time that you had a project did you receive any help from your supervisor?
  10. Do you feel there is a trusting and open environment?
  11. When you approach your supervisor with a problem do you think they listen to you?
  12. Does your supervisor help you feel like a valued part of the team?
  13. Do you get a response to your ideas, requests, and suggestions that you provide for the team’s development?
  14. Does your manager make consistently effective decisions?
  15. Do you think your supervisor has the expertise and ability to help you and your team succeed?
  16. Are you confident about the effectiveness of your supervisor’s vision for the team?
  17. Do you believe you can reach your full potential while working under your supervisor?
  18. Do you get sufficient learning opportunities when interacting with your supervisor?
  19. Does your supervisor care about your well-being?
  20. Do you feel supported by your supervisor?


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