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Sourcing Past Candidate Mail

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Finding the right candidate and helping them settle in is all a part of the recruitment process. However, finding out new candidates is one of the hardest steps. But with the help of past candidates, this can be a bit easier. With the help of sourcing past candidate mail templates, it is possible to reach out to candidates who have previously applied for the position.


The sourcing past candidate mail template will also contain further information regarding how the candidate is deemed to be one of the best fits for the role and why you are interested in scouting this candidate.


Here is a template for sourcing past candidates that you can use based on the position needs.


Subject: Is it a good time to start looking for a new role?




Dear [Candidate Name],


It has been a while since we reached out to you regarding your application for our job opening. Sure, the times fly!


However, after checking your resume and your current status, we have decided to reach out to you regarding the new job opening that our company is promoting. We think that you might be a perfect fit for the same.


If the timing is an appropriate one, how about you apply for this position we will take this further!


Looking forward to your response.






[Your name]




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