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Sourcing Mail is used to reach out to candidates who do not belong to your candidate pool. You might have discovered them on Social sites like Linkedin, Facebook, or Github. Reaching out to candidates like these can be tricky as they might not be active job searchers. 


Make sure to send a clear and concise mail that is easily readable and does not bore the candidate. Include only the necessary details and ensure maximum engagement. Compliment the candidate and mention how they could be a perfect fit for your company. 


Here is a Sourcing Mail template that could help you write a similar mail to source, such candidates. 




Subject: [Job Title] Opening at [Company Name]


Dear [Candidate Name],


My name is [Your Name]. I am a [Job Title] in the company [Company Name]. Hope you are doing well! 


I saw your profile on [Website Name] and found it very interesting! I am reaching out to you as there is an opportunity at our company that might interest you. 


You will find all the details related to the job role, the responsibilities, and the duties you would perform in the attached job description. For more information, you can visit our Career site. Link: [Insert link]


If you are interested, we can get on a call next week to discuss more the job role and how this opportunity could benefit you and your career goals. Let me know if you would like to connect for a short call. 


Feel free to reach out to me for any queries. Hoping to hear from you soon!


Thank you for your time. 


Best regards,



[Job Title]



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