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Social Distancing Notice

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Businesses and employees can slow down the risk of getting infected by applying social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic. Companies find it important to protect their employees and hence provide all the support they can by creating workplace safety and as well as spreading awareness to their employees about hygiene factors and ways to be safe.


Here is a mail template you can use to spread information about Social Distancing during COVID-19.


Subject: Social Distancing Notice for COVID-19.






Individuals must apply social distancing methods by staying at home to avoid interactions as much as possible. 


Below are some methods to follow social distancing during Covid-19.


  • Work remotely if possible and step outside only when necessary


  • Restrict traveling by public transport and avoid human to human contact greetings like handshakes, hugs ets


  • Stand 6 feet away from people in public


  • Restrict traveling from one city/country to another 


  • Avoid social gatherings where large crowds are present


  • Wear masks and gloves. Avoid touching things outside


We want our employees to take precautions as we do not want them to fall sick, if one doesn't take precautions, it may affect others too. 


If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have any other symptoms, contact your Manager or Human Resources immediately and follow the government and company guidelines.


Stay Safe!



Best regards,





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