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Salary negotiation with candidates’ email

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When you extend a job offer, you need to be ready for a salary negotiation that will take place. Depending on the candidate’s abilities, the role, and the budget you should be open to negotiating a higher compensation or a better benefits package with your best candidate. The below-provided Salary negotiation with candidates’ email will provide you an idea of how to address the salary issues with the candidate and come to a conclusion. 




  • Salary negotiation
  • Negotiation of offer with a salary


Template for Salary negotiation with candidates’ email


Dear [candidate name],


We are pleased to inform you that we are considering you for our job offer for the [job title] position. We have discussed your terms with the head of [department name] and our finance team and we have decided to extend our initial offer with the following changes:


  • An increase of [increase percent] in the annual compensation to a new [mention new salary] salary.
  • A signing bonus of [amount]
  • Flexibility to work from home two days/week or commute reimbursement or complete work from home remote option
  • Company stock options
  • Re-negotiation of benefits package and compensation after an early performance review [duration].


Please consider the offer provided above and reply by [date]. In the meantime, if you have any unresolved doubts, you can feel free to contact me at [contact details].


We look forward to hearing from you


Best regards,


[Your name]



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