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Salary negotiation mail

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Salary negotiation is considered to be a delicate subject especially when it comes to hiring new candidates in your organization. Hence it is important to ensure the right salary terms have been stated when offering a letter to the selected candidates. There are certain points to be considered when sending a Salary negotiation mail and can be provided as follows:


  • Be polite but straightforward about the terms
  • Be open to any further negotiations based on the role
  • Ask for expectations from the candidate. 




  • Salary negotiation
  • Negotiation in salary offer


Template for Salary negotiation mail


Dear [candidate name],


As a response to your previous mail, we have accepted the negotiation taking into consideration your qualifications and experience, and have decided to provide you with the revised details of your salary.


We’d also like to inform you that the initially decided remuneration of [Amount] will now be replaced by [amount]. Do let us know if these criteria are acceptable to you. If they are up-to-the-mark we will send you another offer letter with the revised salary structure.


Please do consider the changes and let us know your response.




[your name]




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