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Relieving Letter mail

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Relieving letter mail is a formal document provided by an employer to the employee once the employment duration is over. It is also generally called the experience letter and is issued on the last days of employment. This letter is sent out once the employee requests the letter with the help of a request mail. 


This letter will also work as a document needed to join a new company. This proves the employment period along with the experience proof of the candidate at the new job. The following template will serve as a help for HR professionals to curate a new relieving letter mail. 




  • Request for Relieving letter


Template for Relieving Letter mail


Dear [employee name],


This is in furtherance to the resignation letter submitted on [date] wherein you had requested to be relieved from your services on [date]. We wish to inform you that your resignation letter has been accepted and you are being relieved from the position of [position name] with effect from [date].


Your full and final settlement will be processed and credited by [date]. We highly appreciate the efforts and contributions that you made to [company name] and we would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavors.






[your name]



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