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Having current employees refer job candidates is a great way to hire new and qualified employees for your company. To inform them of a job opening or announce your employee referral program, it’s important to create an effective and descriptive email. 


The more informative and helpful your email is, the greater your chances are of them referring a qualified candidate. Here is a template you can use as a guide for your referral email:




Email subject line: [Introduce the employee referral program]




[Opening statement about growing the company

E.g. ‘We need more brilliant minds like you as we move towards our vision of doubling our customers by 2025. And who better to ask but you?’ ]


[Few sentences detailing the position that’s open along with job responsibilities] [Ask employees to refer a qualified candidate] [Link to job posting]


[Questions for employees to answer about the candidate they’re referring to]


[Call to action such as replying with candidate’s contact information and resume] [Next steps in referral process]


[If applicable, detail a bonus or reward employees will receive for referring an employee.

E.g. ‘You can help a friend by providing him an opportunity to work in our passionate and empathetic team. And, you can help [Company Name] find a brilliant new talent. More brownies - You get [reward or bonus] if your referral joins us.’




Yours sincerely, 

[Your name]

[Your signature]


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