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Product Marketing Manager

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Who is a Product Marketing Manager?


A Product Marketing Manager is a professional in the marketing field of a company. They act as the voice of the customer within an organization. They are responsible for researching customer needs, requirements, and experience to successfully present a product or service in the market. Product Marketing Managers mostly work in private sector companies that may include any kind of company that sells and promotes products or services. 


What does a Product Marketing Manager do?


A Product Marketing Manager develops and designs efficient marketing plans and strategies to make sure that customers and followers are made aware of the product’s features and benefits. Product Marketing Managers have to conduct regular market research in order to be updated with current marketing trends, upcoming product launches, tracking positions, and various other reasons. They have the ability to guide the sales team with their research and influence the pricing of the product. 


Job brief


Our company is on the lookout for an experienced Product Marketing Manager to join our marketing team. You will be responsible for leading the company’s outbound marketing tasks. You will present our products in a manner that helps to strengthen our brand identity. 


You must have a fair understanding of a variety of product marketing strategies and pricing methods. If you have a creative mind and are enthusiastic about marketing, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. 


Duties and responsibilities


  • Plan product marketing strategies to make out product stand out from the competitors in the market
  • Compare similar products in the market and report on the research
  • Make sure that the marketing and the sales team understand product features and benefits
  • Develop and implement product campaigns, promotional content, and product launches
  • Promote the story behind our product 
  • Plan content focussing on the product such as product videos, blogs, case studies, comparison pages, etc
  • Manage product marketing budget 
  • Communicate with customers to get an insight into the product use cases
  • Stay up to date with market trends 


Key requirements


  • Bachelor’s marketing, business management, communications, or related field
  • 5+ years of experience in product marketing or a similar role
  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills
  • Creative thinker in nature and attention to detail
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills

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