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Probation Extension Mail

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An extension of the probation period gives the company more time to review an employee so that they can reasonably decide whether to retain or lay off the employee.


HRs and managers have to continually assess new employees to see if their performances are up to the mark or not. Many times, employees fail to meet the requirements of the companies or fail to deliver the expected results. This usually calls for the managers to extend their probation period so as to give the employee a second chance to prove themselves.


This method also works as a means of retaining the employees under probation period by giving them another opportunity to show why they’re worthy of the job.


The probation extension mail content should include things like the initial probation end date, the renewed end date, the reason for the extension, terms of the agreement, extension period, etc.



Possible Subjects:

  • Probation Extension
  • Extension of probation period



Template for Probation Extension:


Dear [employee name],


With reference to the performance report shared with you on [date] by [manager name], I regret to inform you that your probation period has been extended for [duration]. 


I intend to inform you that your probation period that was supposed to end on [date] will now end on [date], effective immediately. 


I would also like to let you know that the company has certain expectations of results in a few impactful areas and your performance review indicates that you have not been able to deliver those results. Your next performance review will be conducted by [manager name] and you will receive the report by [date]. 


The terms and conditions of your agreement with [company name] shall remain the same. 


The company looks forward to your valuable contributions and we wish you the best for your future with us. 


Please scan this letter and return to me a signed copy of it as soon as possible. 

Feel free to contact me for any queries. 









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