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Phone interviews are easy and hassle-free and can save you a lot of time. We have created a customizable phone interview invitation mail template for you to send out to your candidates to inform them about an upcoming phone interview.


Phone interviews are useful during the initial interview stages for quickly assessing candidates and getting some basic information from them. They would help you shortlist candidates to move forward with video interviews.


Subject: Phone Interview at [Company_Name] for [Job_Title] position.




Hello [Candidate_Name],


Thank you for applying to the [Job_Title] position at [Company_Name]. 


We are reaching out to you to inform you that after reviewing your application we have selected you for the next round which will be a phone interview.


The motive of the interview is for us to get to know you better and also for you to have an opportunity to ask us any questions regarding the job role. The phone call is scheduled on [date and time].


Please reply directly to this email and let us know if you are available at the above-mentioned time.


We look forward to speaking with you.


Best regards,



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