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Personal Growth Survey Questions

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Why is it important to ask personal growth survey questions?


Accompany’s growth is not just the financial growth of the company, but it is also the personal growth of the employees. The company should ensure that it is playing an important role in the personal growth of the employees. With the personal growth survey questions template, HR can compile data on how beneficial is the company in the personal growth of an employee. 


20 examples of personal growth survey questions


  1. Do you feel like there is an opportunity for you to grow as a person?
  2. How would you rate the way the organization is making use of your strengths?
  3. Do you feel like there is freedom for you to choose the way you work in your organization?
  4. Do you feel like setting goals for yourself in the organization is worth it?
  5. Do you think your company is motivating you to reach your goals?
  6. Do your team member influence your growth as a person?
  7. Do the changes bring about in the company help you grow?
  8. Does your job give you the flexibility to meet the needs of your personal life?
  9. Do the senior leaders of your organization demonstrate integrity?
  10. Do you recognize how you fit into the organization’s plans?
  11. Do you get inspired by the purpose and mission of the organization?
  12. Are you satisfied with the level of comfort in your physical workplace?
  13. Do you get enough personal leaves to check up on your health?
  14. Do you have to work on weekends?
  15. Do you wish there are more work weekends?
  16. Are you able to cope with the stress that each project lays upon you?
  17. What measures do you wish the company took to help you cope with stress?
  18. Are you satisfied with the frequency of feedback you obtain from your manager?
  19. Does the feedback help you grow?
  20. What are the other measures you’d like the company to take to keep up with your personal growth?


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