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Performance Review mail

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Performance review is one of the essential processes of every organization and is a medium used for clear communication of goals that need to be achieved. When all of the departments actively participate in this performance review session, HRs find themselves in a fix to manage the entire process. In such a situation sending a mail out to all the employees is a difficult task. Recruiters can however now use the following performance review mail template that allows for better communication of when it will take place and who will be conducting it. 




  • Your review form is open
  • Performance review form to be filled in


Template for performance review mail


Hello [employee name],


You can now log into the system and check the objectives on the dashboard


Your review form will have the following sectors:

  • Objectives
  • Training & development
  • Highlights


As a part of self-evaluation, you are supposed to go to the objective section and record your comments against each performance measure. We encourage you to add in your own opinions on a regular basis to help clear the discussion between you and your manager.


Under the training and development section, you can mention your professional development and training program needs. Feel free to recommend any training plans or skill development actions that will help you perform better.


The highlights section will consist of questions related to your qualitative and subjective inputs.


The system has an instant feedback mechanism that allows you to give/get feedback as and when you need it.


Happy work ahead!




[your name]




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