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Pay increase letter to employee

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Expressing appreciation to your team members and enabling them to achieve greater goals is one of the aims of managers. This will only be possible if you provide timely increments and express gratitude in a variety of ways. With the help of the pay increase letter to employee, managers can now let the team member know about how much has been contributed to the team and how it has benefited.




  • Pay increase letter
  • Notice regarding increment


Template for Pay increase letter to employee


Dear [employee name],


This notice is to inform you regarding the pay increase in the amount of [amount or percentage of increase from base pack]. The effective date of this increase will be from [date] and the increase in this payment will be visible to you in your paycheck dated on [date].


We are more than pleased to award this increment based on your performance over the last review period and believe that it will serve as an incentive for you to continue your best to meet all the business goals and objectives shortly.


Warm regards,


[Your name]



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