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The first day of a new job can bring with it an absolute flurry of changes. By having a new employee introduction email in place, you instill the feeling that your new colleague is valued from their very first day. Then, current staff members are kept up-to-date when new team members arrive, speeding up the introduction phase, and helping them integrate more socially, and with greater speed.




Hi Team,


Please join me in warmly and officially welcoming [Candidate Name] to the [team name] team as our newest all-star [position]!


[Candidate Name] will report directly to [Director name] as part of the [department name] department, where he’ll work alongside [colleague name] and [colleague name 2] to deliver the [key role responsibility ] that has come to define our brand.


We’re incredibly excited to add [candidate name] and his outstanding [name of any skill, e.g. communication] skills and formidable experience to this already high-performing group. Before this, [candidate name] was a member of the [add past positions, companies, and experience].


In his free time, [candidate name] loves to [add hobbies].


We’re confident that [candidate name] will be a fantastic addition to [company name], and we urge every one of you to personally introduce yourself to him in the coming days. You can find him/her in [location], and he can be reached at [contact, email].


Thanks again!






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