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Notice To Client For Payment Delay

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Amid Covid-19, Businesses are thriving to survive more than ever.  Many companies are facing fundamental and financial crises. Therefore, it is important to understand and provide considerations at such times. 


However, in business, it is also important to follow partnership agreements and keep their clients informed about their circumstances. 


Attached below is a Notice Template to vendors/ clients for overdue payment that you can download. 


Subject: Regarding the payment delay for your order [Order Name and Number].


Dear Sir/ Madam, 


With all due respect, I am writing this letter to remind you of the overdue payment from your end that I have not received yet. The payment for invoice [reinsert invoice no.] was due on [date of payment].


 I  kindly request you to make it by  [new due date]. Be advised, interest may be applied if we do not receive the payment on the next due date mentioned above.       


I am attaching an invoice copy that you can refer to in case of any confusion. [attach invoice copy if necessary].


We are looking for your consideration on this matter. For any other information, you can contact Me/ my HR on [email/contact].


Thank You.






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