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Notice for company closure mail

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Each business has different circumstances under which there might be a close-down being an option. In such cases, informing the employees will be a must. Not only this notice for company closure mail must be sent out to the employees but also to your vendors and customers for a better understanding of the situation. The following provided notice template shows an outline of the mail that needs to be sent out which allows HR professionals to customize the message of closure as and when needed. 




  • Notice for company closure


Template for Notice for company closure mail


Dear [employee name],


We regret to inform you that due to unfortunate incident [mention incident] we have decided to close down our company. We are deeply sorry to inform you that the office shall now be closed permanently by [date].


A generous compensation package will be provided to those who are ending their employment journey with us. We will also be very happy to provide a positive reference to those who’d need one.


We deeply appreciate the loyalty and hard work that you provided us with over the past years and we also highly regret the events that led to this situation. We thank you and wish you the very best of success in your new positions wherever you are.




[your name]




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