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New Job Opening Mail can be used to inform past candidates and candidates from your databases about new opportunities at your company. It can help get the word out even more as candidates usually have acquaintances looking for jobs actively or sometimes even passively. 


The use of existing talent pools is not a popular practice yet, though it needs to be. Making use of existing relationships to find candidates can be an intelligent sourcing strategy. 


Some companies have the notion that sending out new job opening mail to candidates who are already working somewhere is a waste of time. This is however not true. Passive recruitment can surprise recruiters at times!




Subject: New Job Opening at [Company Name]


Dear [Candidate Name],


Hey, We hope you are doing well! This mail is regarding the latest opening at our company that you might be interested in. 


The opening is for the position of [Job Title] and as far as we know, you are highly qualified for this role. 


The details of the job along with its requirements, responsibilities, and duties are included in the job description that has been attached to this mail. 


After going through the job description, if you are interested in going forward with this opportunity, please apply for the position at our career site. Link: [Link to the job opening at career site].


Feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions or concerns. 


Best regards,



[Job Title]


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