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The first impression of a new hire of a company is how the company goes forward with the onboarding process. A crucial step in the onboarding process is announcing the new hire to the rest of the employees. In the world of remote work, this usually takes place in the form of a new hire announcement mail.


During this step of the onboarding process, the new hire gets a chance to grasp what kind of culture the organization practices and if they will be able to fit in it. This is also a great opportunity for them to get to know their colleagues and make themselves more comfortable. 


Here is a New Hire Announcement Mail template that could help you curate an impressive mail to send out to your employees. 




Subject: Welcoming [New Hire Name] to [Company Name]!


Hey Team,


Hope everyone is doing well! I have some exciting news to share with you people. 


I am very pleased to announce that [New Hire Name] will be joining us from [Joining date] as a [Job Title]. She will be working with the [Department Name] team and will directly report to [Employee Name]. She has graduated from [University Name] and has previously worked in companies such as [Mention Previous Companies]. 


I have also come to know that she is a trained singer and likes to play volleyball. I think the energy in our company would fit her pretty well!


Her email address is [New Hire’s Mail Address] and her contact is [Contact Information]. Do take your time to introduce yourselves and join me in welcoming her to our company. 


Hope to see everyone at the next meeting! 


Best regards,



[Job Title]


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