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Mail To Vendor For Cancelling Order

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The production, distribution and trade, as well as the consumption of goods and services, fulfil the needs of those living and operating within it. As the Covid-19 Pandemic creates an obstacle in the Economy, more businesses and retailers are impacted by the imbalance in their business.


However, the orders may also be affected due to the delay or overdue of their agreement. In such times, it is rightful to make decisions that are in the best interests of their business. 


Here is a mail template you can use for cancelling your order with a company or an individual. 


Note- In order to prevent any further disagreements between the two companies or individuals, the following must be mentioned clearly.

  1. The date of purchase and cancellation must be written clearly
  2. The policy of the company or the agreement letter between them.


Business / Individual Purchase Cancellation Template below. 


Subject: Cancellation of Order that has not been Received 


Dear Sir/Madam:


This is to formally request you to cancel my order of Ref.No [reference number] which has been placed on [date of order placement].


I am requesting this cancellation due to [reason for cancellation, eg: delay without receiving prior notice] and request a full refund amount of [full amount of refund with currency] within [number of days] if possible.


The items ordered that are to be cancelled are:

  • [items]


Here is an Invoice of the order placed [attach invoice] if necessary.


Please consider this matter and respond to us with a confirmation as early as possible. For further queries, you can contact us on [email/number].


Thank you for your cooperation.






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