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A leave request or a leave approve mail is a mail added to your employer to ask for some time-off either due to personal reasons or some other reason. Typically, the employee is expected to mention the cause of leave that they are applying for. Your employer may however also ask for some additional information such as the date of leaves needed or why is it important for you to get leave. 


Employers can now utilize the mail template that provides the approval notification to the employee where it states that the leave applied for the dates mentioned has been sanctioned. 




  • Approval for leave


 Template for leave approve mail


Dear [employee name],


This mail is with reference to your application for leave that we received on [date] seeking permission for leave from [date] to [date].


We would like to inform you that your leave request has been approved for [number of days] from [date] to [date] and as per company norms you are supposed to join on [date].




[your name]



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