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Job suspension for misconduct mail

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Suspension of an employee is a disciplinary procedure conducted by the employer. This disciplinary action is taken by an employer when the employee fails to follow any stated policies of the company. In the light of misconduct, the employee is initially provided a warning followed by which a Job suspension for misconduct mail is sent over that informs the employee regarding his or her discontinuation of the employment term. This suspension can either happen with or without advance notice. 




  • Job suspension notice for misconduct


Template for Job suspension for misconduct mail


Dear [employee name],


It has been brought to our notice that there has been misconduct in your behavior at the office. We have also mentioned the statements from the observers as follows:


[mention the incidents observed]


Due to such behavior in the office and even after multiple warnings, there have been issues, we have hence decided to suspend you for [number] of days and this will be effective from [date] to [date].


We will also provide further information regarding the investigation conducted by [investigator] regarding the incident.


You have the right to appeal this action under the provisions of the said [name of agreement] agreement.




[your name]



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